Industrial center improvements hope to attract manufacturing

WARREN — A local industrial hot spot is undergoing improvements to retain and attract a manufacturing workforce.

Several infrastructure projects are in place to assist businesses in the Golden Triangle, an industrial area home to 12 companies, including Flex Strut, Trumbull Industries and Wheatland Tube.

The Golden Triangle is located between North Park Avenue and Larchmont Avenue, with a southern tip where Dana Street and North Park Avenue meet in Warren and extending into Howland.

An effort to manage stormwater in the area is underway. Other projects are in various stages of completion, including investigation of a rail crossing near Larchmont Avenue NE, Bronze Road NE and Overland Avenue NE, and a Dietz Road reconstruction and waterline replacement.

Julie Green, grants manager for Trumbull County, said these projects are vital to maintaining employers in the area.

“By assisting these businesses with any infrastructure needs they have, we help them to reach their goals,” Green said.

Green said job retention is a key part of efforts undertaken by the city of Warren, Howland Township and Trumbull County.

“This is an area with over 3,000 jobs,” said Green. “These are high-paying manufacturing jobs in an area where manufacturing jobs have been lost.”

Green said the local entities that work together to secure grant funding for infrastructure projects realize how vital the Golden Triangle is to the local economy.

“The Golden Triangle has always been a priority,” said Green. “We want to make sure these businesses stay here long-term.”

The Howland High School senior class lent a hand Wednesday in beautifying the area as part of Howland High School’s third annual day of service.

Green said the cleanup efforts help make the area attractive for new and existing employers.

“In general, you always want to present a clean atmosphere and a clean neighborhood,” said Green. “It reflects well on the businesses and the community.”

Howland High School students agreed.

“We want to help the community and better it,” said Madison Nalbach.

“People need to take care of the environment and dispose of what they have,” said Jonah Nagy.