Prosecutor seeks final execution date for killer

WARREN — Convicted double-murderer Charles Lorraine has exhausted his state and federal efforts to avoid being put to death and a final execution date should be set, is what Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins wrote in a motion to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Watkins filed the 13-page request Monday, stating the case is “… ripe for reset.”

Lorraine, 51, has been working to delay his execution since he was convicted for the double murder of Raymond Montgomery, 77, and his wife, Doris Montgomery, 80, in November 1986, Watkins wrote.

On May 6, 1986, in the couple’s Warren home, Lorraine, using a butcher’s knife, stabbed Raymond Montgomery five times and then went downstairs to stab Doris Montgomery, who was bedridden, nine times, according to Watkins.

Lorraine, then 19, then met some friends at a Warren restaurant, spending the money he stole from the couple’s home. When he ran out of money, Lorraine stole a car from another elderly woman to go back to the Montgomery’s house to steal more money, Watkins wrote.

After he was captured and interviewed by Warren police, Lorraine said he never intended to kill the elderly couple, Watkins wrote.

“If he did not intend to murder the two people who could identify him, why did he borrow the knife and wear gloves,” Watkins wrote.

Lorraine was sentenced to death on Dec. 9, 1986, for the two murders, and was given a 10-to 25-year sentence for the burglary.

Lorraine has filed several motions to avoid the death penalty.

In 2003 he sought to prevent his execution by claiming he was intellectually disabled and had to be evaluated by professionals. The effort was dropped in January 2010, when three experts determined he was not. Lorraine stopped the attempt before the final court hearing, but the court entered the experts’ findings into the record.

As Lorraine was walking out of the court, he told a member of the local media, “I’ll say and do whatever I need to do to stay alive,” states Watkins in his motion. “I am not mentally retarded.”

After he exhausted state and federal appeals, Lorraine’s execution date was set for Jan. 18, 2012. However, on Jan. 11, 2012, a temporary stay was placed on the executions of three death row inmates, including Lorraine’s, as a result of a challenge of Ohio’s death row protocol.

On March 9, a U.S. District Court dissolved the stay of execution on the three inmates.

Attorney Randall Porter of the Ohio Public Defender’s office said the intent is to oppose Watkins’ motion.

“We just received the motion on Monday,” Porter said.