Police chase stolen car through communities

WARREN — Police chased a stolen vehicle Sunday — at speeds that sometimes approached 100 mph — from Warren through Lordstown, into North Jackson and through Weathersfield Township before abandoning pursuit for safety reasons.

The vehicle’s owner, Darryl R. Ulicny, 64, of Vienna, told police the 2008 Ford Expedition was stolen at gunpoint. He said the robber — which he described as a white man with a dark beard and a dark hoodie — held an AK-47-type rifle, a police report states.

City police began the chase at 11:36 a.m. Sunday when the Expedition passed Caesar’s Italian Restaurant, 2801 W. Market St., shortly after the vehicle was reported stolen.

The Expedition pulled into the restaurant parking lot, but when a Warren police officer turned on his lights, the stolen vehicle took off and headed east on on West Market, according to the police report.

The stolen car turned right through the parking lot of the Sunoco gas station at West Market and Tod Avenue, and headed south toward Lordstown, according to the police report.

By the time the vehicle reached Salt Springs Road, the driver had slowed to about 50 mph, the report states.

Lordstown Police were notified by Trumbull County 911 and joined the chase. Warren police eventually slowed and broke away from the pursuit when the vehicle passed Magna Seating, 1702 Henn Parkway.

As the vehicle passed the General Motors’ plant, Lordstown police also stopped pursuing the vehicle, notifying North Jackson, according to the police report. Austintown police were then notified of the chase.

No arrests have been made.