Frequency change affects WKBN signal

Some television viewers may need to reset their televisions in order to keep watching WKBN-TV.

The Youngstown CBS affiliate is changing its frequency April 23. The Federal Communications Commission regulates free, over the air, broadcast TV stations and can mandate frequency changes.

Those who watch WKBN with cable or satellite will be unaffected by the change. It will be handled by the service provider.

However, those who use an antenna to watch television for free may have to rescan for channel updates after 12:35 p.m. April 23.

Each TV is different, but for most TVs, the instructions are:

l Start by clicking the menu button or accessing the TV’s menu feature.

l Look for a category called program channels, scan or auto tune.

l Hit enter or start this process and the TV should be able to find WKBN-TV on 27.1

WKBN-TV will remain on channel 27.1 even after the change. For more information on the change, go online to or