New treasurer appointed in Niles

NILES — Stephen Telego was appointed Tuesday to serve as city treasurer through the end of the year.

Members of the Niles Democratic Central Committee appointed Telego, who was the only person to apply for the position. Telego had been serving as interim treasurer since the resignation of former Treasurer Janet Jones.

“He was the only one who expressed an interest so it was a very easy appointment,” Kathy DiCristofaro, vice chair of the Trumbull County Democratic Party, said.

Telego, 64, who is retired from the banking industry, said he is happy to receive the permanent appointment. Telego said it is beneficial to have work to do in the treasurer’s office to keep him busy after the death of his brother in February.

“I decided I would give this a shot, see what I could do and see if I could bring my 30 years of banking experience down there and help them out,” he said.

State auditors had been sent in to reconcile the city’s financial records following Jones’ resignation and some shifting in the department that left reconciliation undone in January and February. Telego said the city is back on track, state auditors have left and the department is working on the March records.

“There are three of us total in the office and all three of us worked on the reconciliation together,” Telego said.

Telego will have to run for the office in November in order to fill out the three years left in Jones’ term when this year ends, DiCristofaro said. Telego said he has every intention of filing for the position and he looks forward to working full time in the office even if it only pays $7,500 per year.

“My intention is to generally work that job full time because I don’t believe it’s a part-time position if you’re going to do it right,” he said.