Man attempts to rob McDonald’s in Warren

WARREN — The manager of McDonald’s on South Street told Warren police Wednesday that someone attempted to rob the restaurant drive-thru on Saturday.

The manager called police about the attempted robbery after her workers told her about it Wednesday afternoon, the report states.

Officers were shown surveillance footage of a man with a gray hoodie and black mask who approached the drive-thru on foot during the early evening hours. The man handed the attendant an empty Taco Bell bag and said “give me all the money.” In the video, the report states, the man can be seen holding up his hoodie with his hand as if to indicate he may have a weapon.

The worker shut the window and ran away, the report states, and the man then ran away.

Officers then went to the nearby Taco Bell to inspect their security video, but were unable to find someone matching the same description as the McDonald’s robber, the report states.

The McDonald’s manager said her staff did not immediately report the robbery because they thought it was a joke, the report states.