Water Dept. to spend $130,000 for new roof

WARREN — The city’s water department is looking to spend up to $130,000 to replace the roof on its 70- year-old water distribution building, according to Utilities Director Franco Lucarelli.

The building at 540 Laird Ave. holds water department offices, as well as the city’s engineering and building department. Lucarelli said water from recent rain and melting snow are getting into the building’s exterior walls and damaging the exterior bricks and its windows.

“Water is not leaking into offices, but we want to address this before it becomes a more serious problem,” Lucarelli said.

Baker, Bednar & Associates has been hired to do the initial designs and will be used to design the bid specifications for the project.

Early estimates show replacement of the flat roof and movement of the building’s heating and air conditioning units could range from $80,000 to $130,000, Lucarelli said.

“The cost estimate does not include repair of brick work damaged due to water getting between the walls,” Lucarelli said. “I don’t know when the roof on this building was last replaced, but I know it has been more than 20 years. It’s time.”

The replacement of the roof will be paid for with Water Department funds.

“We will not take a loan,” Lucarelli said. “We have enough to pay for it.”

Lucarelli said if the cost of the roof replacement and other associated repairs grows significantly higher than these early projections, then the department would have to look at alternative avenues, including replacing the buiding if it is financially feasible.