Trumbull County courts – Marriages

Marriage applications filed in Trumbull County Jan. 22-26:

Michael R. Higgins II, 24, truck driver, 3487 Warren Ravenna Road, Newton Falls, and Kelsey L. Blackett, 24, none, same.

Erika N. Everidge, 28, sales associate, 3006 Bradley Brownlee Road, Cortland, and Kenneth E. Hillier, 50, sous chef, same.

James B. Robbins, 66, detective, address confidential, and Maureen R. Spackman, 58, deputy clerk, 3130 Niles Carver Road, McDonald.

George R. Schweiger, 31, granite installer, 5125 Calla Ave. NW, Warren, and Alina L. Baker, 28, factory worker, same.

Grace A. Swan-Rickard, 58, nurse, 610 E. Liberty St., Hubbard, and Richard J. Halt, 54, truck driving instructor, same.