TNP receives fund’s first grant

Fund for Warren’s Future gives $20,000 to perform a survey

WARREN — The organization designed to promote economic development in the city awarded a $20,000 grant to Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership to do a survey encouraging investment opportunities and entrepreneurship along Youngstown Road.

Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership will do a complete survey on the buildings along a portion of Youngstown Road that is receiving $4.1 million worth of improvements. Using federal and state grants, the city is rebuilding the road, including stripping and adding a new road surface, sidewalks, ADA ramps and sewer drains between Laird Avenue and Ridge Road.

The work, which began last fall, is expected to be completed in October.

“This project will transform one of the worst streets in the city into one of the nicest,” Warren Mayor Doug Franklin said.

The Fund for Warren’s Future, which is providing the $20,000 grant, was a creation of community activist Dennis Blank and Franklin.

TNP will survey the buildings to determine which are occupied and which are vacant. TNP officials also will question residents and property owners along the route to determine what types of services they would patronize if they were available.

The data will be compiled and placed in a marketing book, which will be given to entrepreneurs, developers and other potential investors.

Sam Covelli, a Fund for Warren’s Future board member, said TNP’s survey makes sense because it is leveraging a large investment already being made in the city.

“We were impressed with TNP’s track record in doing this type of work,” board member Anthony Payiavlas said.

The marketing report is expected to be completed and distributed in November.

Fund for Warren’s Future was created in November. The initial investment of $100,000 for Fund for Warren’s Future was through a transfer of $50,000 made from the city’s economic development fund and $50,000 donated by Covelli and Payiavlas.