On the record – Fowler, Hartford


WHAT: Township trustee meeting Monday

PRESENT: Tom Carr, Al Crabbs and Jeff Davis


• Approved purchase of six new sets of turnout gear for the fire department at $10,000;

• Discussed the joint land-use study being down by the Youngstown Air Reserve Station of the properties in Fowler and Vienna that surround the base. The study is being done to examine potential areas of growth around the military installation.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Township trustee meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Phil Wilhelm, Rebecca Whitman and Mike Bridge


• Have begun discussing fundraising with the park committee and also seeking grants for construction of an entertainment building / grandstand at the township center, state Routes 7 and 305, for concerts and other community events. Whitman said the process will take time securing money and grants;

• Purchased an equipment trailer at $4,650 for hauling lawn mowers and other items;

• Approved electrical work at township hall by CW Electrical Company at $2,674 which will help prepare electrical wiring for security cameras;

• Entered into a contract with Tarzan Tree Services LLC in Fowler at $6,000 for trimming trees along the township roads this spring.

— Bob Coupland