Liberty trustee Jodi Stoyak resigns her role as chair of board

LIBERTY — There soon may be a change in who oversees and runs the monthly Liberty Township trustee meetings as chairwoman Jodi Stoyak this week submitted a letter to resign as trustee chair.

In the letter dated Tuesday, Stoyak said since her appointment to chairwoman “my hard work to exercise the duties incumbent upon me is being constantly challenged and obstructed by Trustee Arnold Clebone, who makes no bones about his agenda to change and not follow past practice, to stir things up and micromanage all functions of the township.”

The letter states “such actions are out of order, creating a hostile and malicious environment preventing me from being effective. I do not wish to continue with this destructive behavior.”

Stoyak states in the letter the board will be better served by Clebone as chairman but she will continue as trustee “to work for the betterment of the township.”

Clebone said while trustees have had some disagreements and difference of opinion on issues, he doesn’t feel it is hostile.

“There were some disagreements during discussions. It all depends on how you look at it. I think she has a different style when running the meetings and maybe we should try some new things but we all want to work together for the good of the township. We agree that we can disagree on issues,” he said.

Clebone said he will wait for the board to act in March on Stoyak’s letter to step down as chairwoman. He said a vote on who will be the next chairman will need to be taken.

“We will need to redo the election of officers,” Clebone said.

Also this week, trustees held special work session meetings, with no action taken, to meet with Nita Hendryx, chief project manager with the Auditor of State’s office, and Tim Lintner, project manager of the auditor’s office, who advised trustees to develop a three-year forecast for their budget and spend within the township’s means.

Clebone said the township has been in fiscal caution since 2011. He said having an informational meeting about budgeting and their state of fiscal caution would benefit him and Trustee Greg Cizmar, who are both new to the board.

Clebone said he would like trustees to have a monthly caucus like Weathersfield and other communities do to review matters prior to regular meetings.

The trustees also this week met with Julie Green of the Trumbull County Planning Commission on grants that would be available for improvement projects such as in the business district. Clebone said trustees are looking at road improvements.

Stoyak, who is out of town, sent a letter to Clebone and Cizmar, asking them to reschedule some of the meetings this week since they knew she would not be able to attend because she is on vacation.

“This action shows a complete lack of respect for the functioning of the board and for the board chairwoman,” she stated.