Resolutions fill gyms

New Year's?Makeover

122917...R RESOLUTIONS 3...Howland...12-29-17...Victoria Kirby of Bristol worksouts on an dips and chin-up machine at Global R. Michael Semple

Local fitness centers are seeing an uptick in business not only because winter has brought single-digit temperatures and snow, but also because with the new year come resolutions.

Although New Year’s resolutions can take many forms — better finances, quitting smoking and eating healthier — making a vow to exercise more is one that local gym managers said seems to be on the resolution lists of many people.

Chris Ward, manager of Global Health & Fitness Center, 3806 Elm Road NE, said there is “definitely a noticeable increase” in the number of people coming to the gym after the holidays. The new year tends to boost gym membership numbers by about 40 percent, Ward said.

“People start falling off after two months or so,” Ward said. “But we also get a good amount who stay dedicated and continue on with it.”

Ward said resolutions are nothing to scoff at.

“Sometimes a resolution is the boost someone needs to start focusing on a healthy lifestyle,” Ward said.

Jackie Makosky, manager at Planet Fitness, 6000 Youngstown Warren Road, Niles, said gyms tend to see a surge in attendance in the winter simply because it’s cold and there are less opportunities to comfortably exercise outdoors. Yet resolutions also play a big part, she said.

For three years, Planet Fitness has sponsored the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration, Makosky said, as one way to encourage those with exercise and health-related resolutions to get a gym membership. The new year is a way for gyms to capitalize on reaching those with resolutions, Makosky said, while also encouraging and welcoming first-time gym users into a “judgment-free zone.”

Makosky said while many might think people only stick with resolutions for a couple weeks, from what she’s seen the motivation tends to last longer.

“From what I’ve found resolutioners stick around until about March,” Makosy said. “They stick around a lot longer than what people might think.”