Property transfers

Property transfers filed in Trumbull County Jan. 4-10:


Jonathan and Courtney Neer to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 449 Johnson Plank, $44,000.

Theresa H. Brown to David Masone and William D. Hall, 3863 McCleary Jacoby, $240,725.

Kerry Cummings to Matthew and Melissa L. Buschagen, 2279 Cornerstone Drive, $350,000.


Susan Wiley to Gary L. and Cynthia M. Bauer, 5858 Amy Boyle, $90,000.


Norma Jean Hitchcock to Vincent and Vickie Prindle, 319 Main, $135,000.

Sarah Rosenberger to Stephanie and Russell S. Kellar, 106 Brent Place, $109,500.

Bradley R. and Chelsea E. Jones to Christopher Rowlands and Taylor Hill, 172 Winter Lane, $175,000.


Darrell Knight to Huntington National Bank, 220 First, $40,000.

Bobby and Melissa Sprague to Huntington National Bank, Parkview, $44,000.


Norma Jean Hitchcock to Vincent and Vickie Prindle, 3162 Everett Hull, $135,000.

Daniel Marhulik to Kevin D. Quiggle and Doniell C. Dickey, 4438 Ridge, $129,000.


Rebecca Shaffer to Kelli L. Noel, 1093 Ward, $78,000.


Louis Viglio to Marietta Shaw, 3584 Boston, $102,125.

Edith Thirion to Jason L. Hockey, 8624 South, $44,900.

Lisa Zarick and Joseph Scala to Maria L. Mastromichalis and David L. Campbell, 3743 Bellwood, $105,000.

Whetstone Family Limited Partnership to Mauro Luigi Mariani, Hawks Landing, $213,000.


David and Jeanette Richards to US Bank National Trust NA, Hubbard Thomas, $215,843.

David Cooper to Joanne E. Croyle, 22 Timberview Drive, $120,000.

Joanne E. Croyle to Danielle J. Evans and Jonathan L.C. Lawson, 6134 Washington, $80,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to Andrew Thompson and Christopher Bombeck, 143 Scott, $39,900.

Dale A. and Catherine A. Bernardi to Richard W. and Mary C. Capper, 603 Dorchester, $162,900.


Joann Cowfer to Cody and Hayley Burns, 6278 Phillips Rice, $134,500.


Roy and Christina Kays to Kathleen Rizzo, 123 Church, $75,000.

Catherine E. Pereces to Robert and Allison Kidd, 246 Oak Knoll, $67,000.

James Whaley to Dolores Lane, 73 J. Court, $25,000.


Ralph and Margaret Harris to US Bank Trust NA, 45 Fairlawn, $57,981.

Charles W. and Marilyn R. Davis to Anthony and Carl Pacileo, 1590 Sunny Estates Drive, $187,500.


James Allen Nezbeth to Kurt Heddleston, Barclay Messerly Road, $50,000.

Ivy Ann Nezbeth to Kurt Heddleston, Barclay Messerly Road, $128,500.


Casale and Foster LLC to 3709 IPS LLC, 3709 Youngstown, $367,000.

Karen L. Corbin and Gary P. Hanuscin to Michael R. and Melissa A. Thomas, 2035 Montclair, $68,000.


Strohmeyer Properties LLC to Carole N. Dellinger and Nicole L. Niewoeher, Ohltown McDonald Road, $25,000.

Hannah Rathburn to Gene Arnold McElhaney Jr., 1462 Payne, $115,000.

Celek Lisa FKA Lisa Fulwider to Sean Barbutes, 2565 Elm, $86,500.

Stewart D. White and Elaine S. Boreck to Jeremy Pridemore, 2376 Salt Springs, $70,500.