‘Orangeville’s star’ performs

Cheerleader in London

ORANGEVILLE — With members of her family saying she has become ”Orangeville’s star,” Amelia Fisher said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have marched and performed as a cheerleader Monday in London, England’s New Year’s Day Parade.

Fisher and her mother, Tracy, were heading home Tuesday afternoon from Detroit where their airplane landed.

Amelia Fisher, 17, a student at Trumbull Career and Technical Center and a cheerleader for Joseph Badger schools, was among 500 cheerleaders from the United States and other countries, such as Germany, who took part in the two-mile parade that included five stops for performances, including at the parade grandstand where parents and family members were watching.

”We all did a big performance at the end of the parade for television,” she said.

Fisher said the large crowds on both sides of the parade route loved the cheerleaders, who danced and cheered.

”Everyone loved us and were yelling, clapping and waving from the sides. There were thousands of people watching,” she said, noting cheerleading is not as common in England.

Fisher and 100 others performed to the song ”Jump for My Love.”

She said there were cheerleaders, stunt groups, dancers, and even a drumline between all the performance groups.

”It was cold at first on parade day but after our first performance, adrenaline and dancing warmed me up,” she said.

Fisher was selected to perform in the parade by the Universal Cheerleading Association and was sent a video of their routine and song ahead of time to practice.

Amelia and Tracy Fisher left for England Dec. 26 and arrived in London, where Amelia and the other cheerleaders rehearsed for one day to get line routine and other preparations for the parade.

”It was insane. It was the best experience in my life,” Fisher said.

In their free time and with 50-degree temperatures, the two were able to take guided bus tours to Buckingham Palace, Windsor Court and London Eye, a large ferris wheel. Fisher said Big Ben was under construction and was not working.

She said the Queen of England was away for the holidays.

”We did stop by and see where she lives,” she said.

They saw the musical ”Wicked” and loved seeing the double decker buses and the “bobbies,” who guard the crown jewels.

”So many cultures came together in London for one special day, and I shed a few tears walking the streets of such a historical place,” Fisher said.

The parade is similar to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in the United States.

Tracy Fisher said she had a good view of Amelia from the grandstand

”It was an amazing event. There were people from South Africa, Bolivia and hundreds of other countries performing in the parade,” she said.

Tracy Fisher said she got teary eyed watching the cheerleaders and seeing the reaction from the spectators.

”They love cheerleaders and were really supporting them,” she said.

Fisher said ”the hardest thing to adjust to was definitely the time change. I took plenty of naps. It was also odd driving on the right side.”

She said she made a lot of friends from Texas, Washington, Florida and lots of performers from Ohio and some girls from Germany.

”I had the trip of a lifetime and I’m humbled to say I got to travel to a different country my senior year of high school. The beauty was truly overwhelming, and what better way to start the New Year than representing my country and my passion, cheerleading,” Fisher said.