On the record – Braceville, Brookfield, Vienna


WHAT: Township trustee organizational meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Rebecca Rood, Dennis Kuchta and Jeff Tucker


• Named Rood chairwoman and Kuchta as vice chairman;

• Approved Elite Digital Graphic to place vinyl stickers on the new back hoe at $120 for stickers and $80 for installation. The stickers state ”Braceville Township;”

• Set meetings for 6 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month with work sessions 6 p.m. the third Tuesday;

• Approved use of online Internet service, GovDeals, for sale of cars from impound lot and other personal property and equipment, no longer needed. Trustees said they want to see impound vehicles placed on the Internet quicker;

• Appointed George Shay to zoning commission for five years;

• Kept town hall rentals at $50 for residents and $25 township personnel, the same as last year. There is also a refundable key fee and security deposit of $25;

• Kept pay for zoning appeals and zoning commission members at $50 for the year and $25 per meeting with zoning appeals/ commission secretary $100 per year and $25 per meeting;

• Approved Kuchta and Rood to the volunteer firefighters dependent board. Also on the board are Todd Garland, Elita One and Lloyd Gintert;

• Will have the salt storage building checked to see if it is structurally sound.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Township trustee organizational meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Ron Haun, Gary Lees and Dan Suttles


• Named Haun as chairman and Lees as vice chairman;

• Renewed the police protection agreement with neighboring Yankee Lake with the village paying $2,400 for the service;

• Added the classification of ”advanced EMT” between paramedic and EMT on the firefighting and paramedic pay scale. The position will pay $10.05 per hour;

• Approved Tabitha Dickson as township office coordinator at $10 per hour with benefits; Amanda Friend as part-time janitor at $9 per hour with no benefits; and Erin Webber as part-time office fill-in at $10 per hour with no benefits on as needed basis;

• Approved Jimmy Ewing as exterior property maintenance inspector at $15 per hour with no benefits;

• Approved a policy of departments heads purchasing items up to $1,000 with no previous trustee approval necessary, such as road salt;

• Approved use of online auction, Gov.deals, for sales of impounded cars and other non-needed items;

• Set meetings 7 p.m. the first Monday of each month. This month’s meeting was rescheduled to Jan. 16.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Township trustee organizational meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Heidi Brown, Phil Pegg and Rich Dascenzo


• Named Brown as chairwoman and Pegg and vice chairman;

• Set meetings for 7 p.m. the first Monday of each month;

• Appointed Mike Haddle to the zoning appeals board and William Lynn to the zoning commission, both for five-year terms;

• Reminded residents when there is two or more inches of snow vehicles need removed from roads. For undedicated roads, vehicles need removed when there is four inches or more;

• Declared Jan. 21 to 27 as ”Public Education Week” to recognize public education.

— Bob Coupland