Candidate files finance report late

WARREN — A candidate seeking the Republican nod for Trumbull County commissioner filed her initial paperwork Friday along with a campaign finance report that was due Dec. 15.

Mary Williams designated herself the treasurer for her campaign that seeks to displace Democrat Commissioner Frank Fuda in November. If she or Democratic primary contender Lisha Pompili Baumiller succeed, one will be the first woman to sit on the board of commissioners since Margaret Dennison in the mid-1980s.

Petitions for the primary race are due Feb. 7.

Williams filed her campaign finance report Friday at the Trumbull County Board of Elections for the November Lakeview Board of Education race, nearly a month after it was due. She was unable to officially file for the county commissioner election until the report was filed.

The report was late because Williams thought she could file a waiver instead, she said.

“I’ve always filed a waiver before, I thought I could this time. But, I had an outstanding loan from the last time I ran for commissioner, so I couldn’t sign the waiver this time,” Williams said.

Williams ran an unsuccessful bid against Commissioner Dan Polivka in 2016. Polivka took 50 percent of votes, Williams 44 percent and Todd Johnson won 6 percent.

“There are so many different rules for so many different things in these races, it can be truly confusing, especially with the differences between the county and the school board races,” Williams said.

The waiver would have been due by the Dec. 15 deadline as well. Candidates with less than $2,000 in activity running for school boards or township trustee races are permitted to file a waiver instead of a detailed financial report. Williams was one of three incumbents re-elected to the school board.

A letter was sent Thursday to Williams from the board of elections that stated she had until Jan. 19 to file the report or she would be reported to the Ohio Ethics Commission.

The commission can impose fines of $15 to $100 a day for filing late or incomplete campaign finance reports, according to Ohio Revised Code.

During the last filing period, which covered campaign contributions and spending between Oct. 19 and Dec. 8, Williams raised $650 and spent $1,536 on services provided by Cortland News for $184 and J. Saul Campbell & Co. for $1,352. The report, dated Dec. 1, is lacking proof of payment to Cortland News and contained an entry for a Jan. 5 payment for campaign services provided by J. Saul Campbell & Co. Williams carries a balance of $100 forward with her, and has an outstanding loan from herself to her campaign for $6,048.