Bristol officials consider gas lines extension

BRISTOL — In addition to working with Trumbull County officials possibly to get water lines extended from Champion to the township center, Bristol officials also will be looking into getting gas lines extended into parts of the township.

Trustee Ramon French said at Tuesday’s meeting he will contact Orwell Natural Gas to see what will be involved to get gas lines extended to parts of the township where there are no lines or partial lines.

”If there is a gas line nearby, they may extend it for a construction cost,” he said.

He said Orwell Gas, which is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, may come out if trustees send letters and enough residents sign petitions wanting the lines.

Trustee Chairman Doug Seemann said he would like to get more gaslines into the township and suggested also contacting other natural gas companies. Officials said there is a gas line on Hyde Shafer Road which they believe could have lines extended to nearby streets.

Township residents now get gas from fuel oil and propane.

As for the water line project, residents along state Route 45 and north of the center to Hyde Oakfield Road are being asked to return a survey to the county engineer’s office by Jan. 31. French said 533 letters were sent to residents whose properties would be near where the waterline project is being proposed.

Being proposed is extending water lines from the water tower in Champion north along Route 45 to the center and then a short distance north of the center with a few streets west and east of Route 45, including the area where the fire department is located off state Route 88.

”This is a one-time deal. That is why it is so important we get enough people interested in this project and support this,” French said.

More than 90 residents attended an informational meeting Jan. 11. Some residents at the meeting said they wished the project would include other areas, such as Cory Hunt Road.

In another matter, French said he will be in contact with the Trumbull County 911 director and county commissioners over two incidents where Bristol should have been called to an emergency in the township that instead went to Bazetta or Champion.

French said the fire department was only a few minutes away from one call.

”We need to get this straightened out. This is unacceptable. Calls were made to one township and the address wasn’t in their township. There is a concern of the time lapse to get to a call,” he said.

Officials said they wondered if it was GPS causing a problem.