Braceville to look at full-time fire, police


BRACEVILLE — Township trustees will be gathering information to determine the feasability of offering full-time fire and police service to the residents.

Trustee Chairwoman Rebecca Rood said at Tuesday’s organizational meeting that data will be compiled on what costs would be involved. Trustees said they also will speak with Farmington Township officials on what was involved for them to start 24/7 fire and emergency medical service in their community.

Trustees said a safety forces levy likely would be needed to raise needed funds for full-time services.

”We want to see what other avenues are available to protect our residents. We will compile the figures to see what is involved,” she said.

Rood said residents have asked for more services so trustees will gather information and hold a meeting to share their findings with the public.

Trustee Vice Chairman Dennis Kuchta said a goal is to get the quickest service possible and improved response times from fire and emergency medical service.

Kuchta said that often there is not enough firefighters on call and mutual aid calls are then needed. He said of the 39 calls by the fire department in December, 20 needed mutual aid.

Firefighters at the meeting questioned if the department would be busy enough for full-time status but suggested possibly having a joint fire district with a neighboring township, such as Warren Township. They also suggested many people would not stay in Braceville but go to other fire departments for better pay and full-time status.

Some residents at the meeting also asked who would pay EMS bills with mutual aid calls to township residents. Trustees said that issue and other concerns of residents will be addressed at a future meeting.