Property transfers

Property transfers filed in Trumbull County Dec. 21 to 26:


Michael R. and Deborah Tracy to Tim Kuhn, 4246 North Park, $117,000

Kenneth B. and Sharyn A. Wagner to Brent Prox and Amanda Racz, 3906 West Lake, $161,750


Daniel and Amanda D. Burkholder to Malin E. and Dorothy D. Burkholder, 1806 Flagg East, $180,000


Crystal D. and George S. Goberish to David J. Goberish Jr. and Joanne Goberish, 842 Greenville, $166,000

US Bank National Association to Brightstar Realty, 2146 Hyde Shaffer, $43,000

Alan L. Miller to Garnett W. and Joan M. Kays, 6033 North Park, $74,486

Deborah Patchin and Steven C. Reed to Henry L. Bailey Jr., 4842 state Route 45, $164,000


Brenda Kay Alosa and John Dorsey to Arthur L. and Debrora L. Miller, 6427 Mahoning, $67,200

Keith E. Thomas to Joseph W. McFalls, Juanita, $83,500

Ernest and Kathy Ulrich to Nathan Vesey, 6584 Oak Hill, $210,000


Carl E. Vasil to David A. Rickey Jr. and Torrie D. Dean, 972 Jewell North, $200,000


Natalie Sanson to David and Lucille L. Bajnok, 939 state Route 7, $120,000

Andrew R. Gingrich to Andrew R. Gingrich, Albright McKay Road, $25,500

Kelly Sue Davis to Victoria Ann Heckathorn, 7829 Second, $46,500

Mark S. Taylor and Kevin L. to Mark S. and Kevin L. Taylor, 2085 Sharon Hogue, $43,000

Jeffrey and Karen Miller to Edward Valent Jr., 8185 Edmond, $24,000


Robert Pekarski Jr. to Gregory and Una Judene Ainsley, 337 Stahl, $110,000

Michele and Leslie Stewart to Michael and Rene Marsh, 218 Golf Drive, $145,000


Matthew Reader to Elijah and Rachel Bisbee, W. Lagoon, $26,500


DW to Harry R. Johnson, 18 Hickory Trace, $208,000

Marcia Santucci and Mark S. Lalama to Cody Langley, 860 Highland, $70,000

Amy Barnhart to US Bank Trust NA, 120 Broadway, $40,000

Peggy H. Polois to Deanna Schuyler, 571 Forsythe, $65,000

Michael A. Rea to Alana M. Carkido and David M. Miller, 329 Forsythe, $69,000


John M. Perchak to Alvarez Realty Inc., 1538 Woodhill, $126,000

John and Nicole Marsteller to Brandon and Nicole Kirk, 219 Henn Hyde, $187,000

Christopher Rowlands to Roger Fackety and Brenda Ayers, 2968 North, $95,000