Marriage applications filed in Trumbull County Nov. 27 to Dec. 1:

M’hammed Nabih, 36, none, 133 Heritage Lane, Cortland, and Tamara J. Winans, 32, social worker, same.

Narinder Sinah, 60, clerk, 6350 Berkshire, Warren, and Armana L. Hardy, 34, health aid, 2203 Peace Ave. NW, Warren.

Mike A. Ferguson Sr., 50, high lift operator, 822 state Route 7 SE, Brookfield, and Nancy J. Smith, 57, insurance agent, 1093 Churchill Road, Girard.

Nickolas A. Derico, 25, aquatic specialist, 6237 Morrell Ray Road, Bristol, and Melissa R. Nuzum, 21, STNA, same.

Richard A. Higgins, 50, U.S. government, 4040 Anderson Anthony Road, Leavittsburg, and Chang Gao, 46, deputy managing director, 13242 Chen Jian Garden, Tiexi District, Shenyang, China.

Robert A. England, 21, Marine Corps, 303 Aurora Drive, Youngstown, and Madison T. DeMarco, 20, hostess, sales associate, 3514 Breeze Knoll Drive, Youngstown.

Richard G. Rubaner III, 41, diesel mechanic, 593 Stull Ave., Girard, and Christina M. Tuchek, 41, homemaker, same.

Samuel J. Crist III, 45, none, 139 Cherry Ave. NW, Warren, and Stacy A. Ague, 44, front desk receptionist, same.

Emmanuel D. Bamgbose, 22, none, 25 Trumbull Court, Apt. 1, Youngstown, and Siera R. Wiegner, 23, marketing, same.

Tyler J. Calhoun, 22, none, 39 Cherry St., Niles, and Breana D. Myers, 21, sales representative, 318 N. Ave., Girard.

Charles M. Olesky, 29, laborer, 3224 Woodland Trail Unit D, Cortland, and Audra A. Jones, 27, licensed professional counselor, same.

Philip R. Swank, 29, fork lift operator, 1530 Fisher Drive, Hubbard, and Angela M. Machingo, 39, none, 1563 Sheridon Ave. NE, Warren.

Seth G. Campbell, 34, insurance agent, 547 Hogue Road, Ellwood City, Pa., and Alissa S. Umbs, 31, office manager, 2559 Blossom Lane, New Castle, Pa.

Micheal A. Holko, 41, bricklayer, 2559 Wilson Sharpsville Road, Cortland, and Shannon R. Boling, 40, MTA phlebotomist, MA, same.

Frank J. Smith, 26, none, 438 N. Park Road, Warren, and Carla F. Haffner, 21, none, same.