Man dead after crash in Warren

Believed to be victim of shooting

Tribune Chronicle / Jon Wysochanski Police and firefighters work to remove a man from inside this car, which crashed into a box truck near the intersection of Summit Street and Mahoning Avenue NW around 9 p.m. Wednesday. Police said they believe the driver was shot about a mile away in the area of Southern Boulevard NW and West Market Street and was driving himself to the hospital when he crashed. The box truck crashed into a porch from the impact.

WARREN — A man is dead after a car he was in crashed on Summit Street NW following a shooting, police said.

A large crowd of bystanders gathered on Summit Street NW and Mahoning Avenue after the crash that occurred around 9 p.m. Wednesday. The car crashed into a large box truck, pushing the truck into the front porch of a home at 423 Summit St. NW. Firefighters tried to remove the man from the car, the front end of which was crushed and stuck under the box truck. The man, whose name was not released, was dead inside the car, police said.

Police and bystanders on the scene said they believe the man was trying to drive to a hospital after being shot in the area of Southern Boulevard NW and West Market Street. The area was taped off between Mahoning Avenue and Prospect Avenue NW and police and firefighters draped the car with sheets as detectives were called to work the scene.

Bystanders Sammy Ritchey and Dominic Talanca said they saw the man driving at a high speed and running red lights. Other bystanders, some crying, said they tried to stop the driver at an area gas station but he appeared to have a gunshot wound to the neck and he just took off.

“You could see him bleeding,” Ritchey said.

Chris Alsbrooks and Joe Miracle-Fox, who live next to each other on Summit Street NW across from where the car crashed, were among the first to run to the car after the crash. Alsbrooks said the car was easily going 70 or 80 miles per hour as it crossed Mahoning Avenue and lost control. The car hit the box truck hard enough to spin it around and push it into the front porch, Alsbrooks said.

“There’s three bullet holes in the (expletive) passenger window,” Alsbrooks said. “As soon as we got there we went over and people were trying to reach in and we were pushing them back right as the cops were getting here. You couldn’t see the driver because he was under everything. It was hard to see his body at all.”

Miracle-Fox, who said he has two children and one on the way, said he knew the situation was worse than just a car crash when he saw the car window.

“As soon as I saw three bullet holes I ran,” Miracle-Fox said. “When there’s three bullet holes, you never know who’s following.”