Property transfers

Property transfers filed in Trumbull County Oct. 25-31:


Michael and Deborah Galle to Patricia Grimm, 2721 Ravine Run, $355,000.

Donald L. and Nancy M. Cooper to Mary Wood, 3402 Ivy Hill Circle, Unit B, $76,300.

Brian and Tracy Hoodin to Leslie Lilly, 3389 Eagles Loft, $85,000.

John T. and Denise R. Kendall to Cory Hinzman, 4421 Hoagland Blackstub, $112,500.


Barbara J. Walker to Thomas Baragry, 3414 Warren Ravenna Road, $89,000.


Frank Nicholas Poli to Jason and Karen Barber, 798 Airport, $109,900.

Jeffrey C. and Lisa L. Rice to Darin Siau, South Catawba Lane, $230,000.


John and Josephine Hougelman to Anthony and Kelly Capretta, 671 Brookfield, $99,000.

Teresa Kasula to Peter and Diane Kasula, 7530 Warren Sharon Road, $92,000.

Justin Stowers to David V. Gregory, 6847 Grove, $79,300.

Pauline Yasnowski to James and Kathleen Hubish, Merwin Chase, $65,070.

Jim and Alan Ghizzoni to Dustin Ghizzoni, 6653 Stewart Sharon, $28,550.

John M. Smith et al. to Timothy and Karen Mohney, 507 Standard, $44,000.


Jeanne Moser to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 229 Old Oak, $80,000.

Thomas Brookes and Linda Futscher to William and Luana Andamasaris, 589 Cedar, $92,000.

Paul D. Ratcliff Jr. to Donald E. and Linda C. Smith, 383 Orchard Lane, $139,000.

Robert Hensley to Paul Shamrock, 105 Fairview, $89,700.

Mary Lou Brzezinski to Alvarez Realty Inc., 100 Maple, $87,000.


Nathaniel U. and Ruth D. Byler to Jacob J. and Betty J. Gingerich, 5728 Stroups Hickox, $392,000.


Richard L. Kelly to NBRT Properties LLC, 2117 Crews Hood, $50,000.

Rebecca Marx to Patrick and Christian Denning, 5198 Sampson, $204,000.

Cathy Ballas to Thomas and Christopher Sikora, 5786 Lamplighter, $182,500.

Ernest and Jacob Cunningham to Johnathan Smith, 4576 East, $74,000.

Jeffrey Marchio to Nicholas Katsares, 1926 Pleasant Valley, $150,000.

Melissa Kordes to Terrell A. Smith, 1521 Liberty, $71,000.

Tina M. Hudack to JPMorgan Chase National Association, 1200 Rose, $40,000.


Diane M. Daffin to Elite Tactical Firearms Training, 39 Liberty, $80,000.


Anthony and Gayle Barbarini to Sung and Chelsea Do, 1251 DeForest, $68,750.

Carolyn Wilfong to Wanda Holton and Tiffany Wilson, 3661 Hightree, $39,900.

David Lee Clement and Gary Paul Clement to Mekk Properties, 2612 Weir, $54,000.

Mary Jane Stroup to David and Anita Brennan, 8487 Sleepy Hollow, $161,900.


Regina M. Poullas to Michael and Diana Napolitan, 551 Meadowland Court, $152,000.

Helen Passell to Edward M. Stephenson, 332 Myron, $112,500.


Daniel H. Troyer Sr. and Millie Troyer to Ernest W. and Martha L. Yoder, 9404 Ward North Road, $429,126.


Buttonwood Holdings LLC to Leanna Bosak, 322 Hayes, $42,900.


Laura M. Fowler to Joseph J. and Mary M. Gingerich, 5308 Parks West, $165,000.

Melvin E. and Lydia Miller to Robert L. and Rhoda A. Miller, 4895 Girdle Road, $100,000.


Glen H. Miller and Karen S. Smith to Timothy and Tracey Troup, 2865 River, $153,000.

Marina D. Leho to Carmen and Joseph Henderson, Columbia, $135,000.

Eugene and Patricia Metek to William Seese and April Turner, Columbia, $90,000.

Kimberly J. Cross to Caliber Home Loans Inc., 42 Church, $67,640.

Jonathan Neidhart to Ian and Kara Suzelis, 41 W. Broad, $107,350.

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Bradford T. and Heather L. Cope, 3020 E. River, $32,400.

Three Woods LLC to 417 Center Street LLC, N. Center, $45,000.


Rocco and Valerie DiCintio to Joshua Dakota and Amy Campbell McDaniel, 128 Henn Hyde, $78,000.

HGT LLC to Peter Byrne and Deborah Brightman, 324 Cedar, $88,750.


Timothy and Cheryl Garland to Brian and Valorie Conaway, 3234 state Route 534, $239,000.

Summit Beagle Club Inc. to 4788 State RT LLC, Doty East, $139,200.

Patricia Grimes to Kimberly Dunbin and Julius Szymczuk, 2708 Shanks Corners Downs, $230,000.

Malvern W. Schmucker to Clinton Harris and Heather Ericson, 3630 Hoffman Norton, $150,000.


John A. Winchell to Tyler Christoff, 1429 Sodom Hutchings, $89,000.

Gary G. and Elaine A. Gill to Sun Trust Mortgage Inc., King Graves Road, $40,000.


Warren Bible Methodist Church to Genesis Community Center, 1653 Elm, $45,000.

Penny Deuble to Ella L. Bridges, 1396 Kensington, $64,850.

Nutmasters LLC to John Giovenco, 1928 Parkwood, $39,000.

Carolina and Moskos Kotsatos to John Giovenco, 1504 Sheridan, $34,000.

Carol Alex to Sanfrey Trucking Inc., 723 Summit St., $44,000.

Jerry L. and Peggy S. Miller to Jason E. and Stella J. Nelson, 946 Adelaide, $49,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Durst Holdings LLC, 1416 Westwood, $34,500.

Ronald and Roseanne Seginak to Joseph and Constantine Kyriakakis, 1404 Westview, $63,000.


Trifera LLC to King Development Corp. Group LLC, 1909 Beaver Trail, $59,900.

Deborah and Robin Wevers to Keith and Nancy Miller, 3807 Kelley, $81,500.

Paul E. and Terri S. Leone to Joseph and Karen Rich, 2208 Crestmont, $268,000.

Helen Kaniclides to Louis and Wendy Laneve, 1700 Ohltown McDonald, $91,000.

Lawrence and Julia Felts to Anthony J. and Lisa M. Maffei, Youngstown, $85,000.