Liberty cruisers receive soil pads after incident with woman

LIBERTY — Police cruisers in Liberty now come stocked with soil pads after a woman arrested on a warrant and experiencing a medical condition had an “extreme case of explosive diarrhea” in the back of a cruiser.

Liberty police arrested Lacey Livermore, 27, on Austintown warrants after officers on Nov. 8 found her hiding under a blanket in a basement at 122 Warner Road, according to the police report.

Officers were driving to Petro truck stop to meet Austintown police when Livermore told them she needed to use the bathroom and her medical issues meant she could not wait.

Once they pulled into the gas station, she began defecating, the report states. The officer let her out of the cruiser because of the mess and she squatted in the grassy area and continued going, the report states.

“This type of thing happens from time to time. But I’d call this an extreme case. It opened our eyes to the fact that we need something in case this ever happens again. When someone in our custody needs to go, we can’t just stop and let them run into the nearest restaurant or something,” said Rich Tisone, Liberty police chief. “In the future, the officer will find a safe place to pull over and put a pad down to try to contain the mess as best as possible.”

While the woman was outside the cruiser, she slipped out of her handcuffs and took off running, and the officer chased after her, deploying his Taser, according to the report. She kept running until officer George Bednar caught up and tackled her and recuffed her, the report states. Livermore is a facing a charge of escape, according to Tisone.