Lakeview school board keeps incumbents

LAKEVIEW — Lakeview school voters re-elected the three incumbents to the board of education by a tight margin.

Incomplete, unofficial results from Tuesday’s general election show Mary E. Williams picking up 27.9 percent of the vote; Donna Zuga, 27.1 percent; and Larry C. Sherer, 22.7 percent. The fourth candidate, Danielle Scherer, pulled in 22.3 percent of the votes.

“The voters have spoken, so be it,” said Larry Sherer, 71, a retired teacher and administrator, and a school board member since 2009. “We have worked well together. We don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but it is a civil and reasonable board with high expectations.”

Sherer, who cited fiscal responsiveness and employing the best staff as his goals, claims fiscal responsiveness as a strength of the board.

Mary E. Williams, 56, will begin her fourth term on the school board. She campaigned on the creation of “more of a long-term plan of improving infrastructure,” extended this cooperation among district officers and the community and greater opportunities in practical education for students in the district.

“We need more internships and to encourage young women and young men in manufacturing fields,” she said.

“The results show that the Lakeview population has faith in the Lakeview Board of Education,” she said. “Voters saw what was really good for the Lakeview community would prevail.”

Donna J. Zuga, 66, a businesswoman and retired special education director who has been on the Lakeview school board since 2000, begins her fourth term also.

“I’m always proud to represent the school district. I am grateful for the support of the community. I look forward to the next four years,” she said.

Zuga said her top priority was to remain “student focused first,” carefully monitor student achievement in arts, athletics and academics and help make Lakeview graduates competitive.

“It’s a never-ending responsibility of a school and board to reflect optimism, support and input of expectations for grads,” she said.

“We will need to have direction and feedback from the community of Lakeview… to be addressed with sensitivity for the long-term, not just today, but the next 50 to 75 years,” she said.

Challenger Danielle Scherer said she campaigned with the idea that change is necessary.

Danielle Scherer, a graduate of the district, said throughout her campaign that she would support both technology and “hands on” curriculum but also said there was room to grow.

Larry Sherer said, “It seems ironic that there are two Sherers in the county and they are both in this district.” They are unrelated and their last names are spelled differently.