Horses taken from Brookfield resident

BROOKFIELD — Two horses were taken from 7119 Warren Sharon Road Friday afternoon by the Trumbull County Animal Welfare League after it received complaints from neighbors.

Harold Firster, a humane officer with the Animal Welfare League, said a 12-by-12-foot fenced area behind the property contained the two horses, a pig, approximately 30 ducks and chickens, and a dog.

“Having the horses in such a small area for an extended period of time could have been detrimental to their health,” said Gary Pilcher, executive director of the Trumbull County Animal Welfare League.

“If the horses had laid down, they might not have been able to roll over to get back up due to the size of the confinement.”

Lucie Thompson, who moved to the property approximately two weeks ago, had plastic over the area where the animals were being kept, which does not provide sufficient shelter, according to Firster. There also was excess mud and manure, he said.

The AWL received its first complaint approximately a week ago, investigated and obtained a search warrant for the property Friday morning.

“The horses are underweight,” Firster said. “They were taken to a place where they will be fed and cared for.”

Although Thompson appeared to be upset when AWL’s humane officers and Brookfield police arrived on the property, she did not attempt to stop them from taking the animals, Pilcher said.

As of Friday afternoon, the other animals had not been removed from the property.

Thompson’s son, Roger Galford, said two neighbors have been harassing his mother since the animals were delivered.

“My mother was not given a chance to build a barn,” Galford said. “She already had the building material.”

However, Firster said the property at which Thompson previously lived also was too small for the number and size of animals she owns.

“It was equally nonprotective for the animals,” Firster said.

No charges have been filed against Thompson.

“Our first concern is the welfare of the animals,” Firster said.