God’s Refuge House opens

WARREN — With its dedication to reach, rescue and restore, God’s Refuge House aims to help women overcome alcohol and drug addiction.

The two-story home at 805 Terra Alta, a Christ-centered nine-month residential program, held a grand opening and open house recently.

Pastor Julia Wike, executive director, said more than 20 years ago she had a vision to have such a place to help women who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

”God has answered a long-awaited prayer. I have learned that nothing is impossible with God,” said Wike, who herself overcame addiction 30 years ago.

She told more than 30 people who gathered for an open house that if you kneel before God, you can stand before anyone.

”Here at God’s Refuge House, we kneel before God and bring the women who need help with addiction here. This is wonderful that this is here for women,” she said.

God’s Refuge House will provide various services, including educational classes to help women with what they may struggle with in life.

Rudy Kubicina, board president, said without faith in God, none of this would have been possible and today the evidence can be seen.

”This shows us what faith can do. It has been a long time in coming. We thank God for what he is doing,” he said.

Wike said there were many donations of furnishings for the house that made it possible to open.

”We are debt free. There is no debt on this house. God has provided for us,” she said.

The program will provide holistic physical and emotional care and support, biblical spiritual development, and 12-step programs as part of the recovery and healing process. Each woman is given the opportunity to experience and maintain living a sober life.

Wike said the recovery program is divided into a three-tier phase model that is designed ot provide a supportive team approach for each woman in the development of basic recovery skills.

The three-tier phase model provides women with the opportunity of achieving and maintaining permanent sobriety through biblical teachings, basic life skills such as cooking and gardening, art therapy, career education and training, volunteerism by serving others, and therapeutic interventions that include professional group participation and counseling by staff and volunteers from partnerships with local churches, community agencies and peer to peer sponsorship.

Warren Treasurer John Homlitas, who was touring the house,said the volunteers and Wike did a lot of work to make this home a reality.

”With all their hard work and dedication they are helping to improve women’s lives. This is an asset to the city and this neighborhood,” he said.

Annita Homlitas said she grew up in the neighborhood and remembers the location used to be a small grocery store where children would go to get candy.

Residential sponsorship donations are being sought so that women can receive residential care and the ability to take part in recovery programs.

For information, visit www.basementoutreach.com or call 234-600-6399.