Bristol seeking residents’ input on water tie-in

BRISTOL — Township trustees are seeking help from the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer’s Office on possibly getting public water from Champion to Bristol center.

Trustee Ramon French said Friday he contacted Deputy Sanitary Engineer Gary Newbrough about setting up a meeting later this month and sending out a survey to residents to see if there would be interest in getting water.

French said the majority of township residents get their water from wells and some from ponds, which requires the water be purified.

”We first have to see if the residents would be interested. Gary would send out a survey to them in the mail,” he said.

The idea is to extend waterlines north from the water tank on Airport Road in Champion to Bristol Center at state Routes 45 and 87.

If 50 percent or more of the residents express interest in wanting water, trustees will have Newbrough start the process and seek grants to cover project costs.

French said no meeting date has been scheduled yet to inform residents of the idea but likely it will be after Thanksgiving. He said attendance at the meeting should indicate whether residents are interested.

Trustee Chairman Doug Seemann said the idea has been received positively by some residents he has spoken to, but a public meeting would provide specific details on cost and a timeline of the project.

Seemann said there has never been purified water brought to the township.

In August 2015, residents in neighboring Southington rejected a proposal to bring waterlines into the township becase of the costs involved to tap into the line. Since then, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to provide a low-cost loan for the “Blueprint to Prosperity” waterline project along U.S. Route 422.