On the record


WHAT: Township trustee meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Paul Hovis, Frank Parke and Ted Webb


l Approved fiscal officer Rita Drew transferring $7,800 out of the fire fund and accept a $7,800 grant into the fund to pay for smoke detectors;

l Read a letter from Trumbull County Commissioners about the redrawn boundary of Bazetta after land was annexed into Cortland;

l Discussed requesting a police officer to open and close the administration building on election day;

l Approved Michael Koprivnak to move from an alternate position to a full-time one on the Zoning Board of Appeals. The seat was vacated by Craig Fess, whose resignation was approved at the previous meeting;

l Announced the township park will close Nov. 1 in preparation for winter;

l Set their next regular meeting 7 p.m. Oct. 23.

— Lexy Cummins


WHAT: Township trustee meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Rick Clark, Matthew Vansuch and Dr. James Lapolla


• Approved Fiscal Officer Robert Costello to pay all outstanding bills and invoices;

• Approved Costello to transfer money within the road fund, general fund and farmers market fund;

• Heard from adminstrator Darlene St. George that the township’s leaf pickup program is saving the township $50,000;

• Announced the fire department will be giving juniors and seniors at the high school a 30-minute CPR class. Pantalone said the students graduating next year will be required to take a course and the department is helping students complete it this year;

• Announced the health department is supplying the police department with a prescription drug drop-off box;

• Announced all new police hires have completed their training and are now out on their own;

• Announced the issuing of demolition permits for two houses. There are no existing construction plans for those properties.

— Lexy Cummins