Downtown revitalization projects in Girard done

Tribune Chronicle

GIRARD — Nearly $800,000 in public and private funds was invested in Girard’s downtown over a two-year period as a part of the Girard Downtown Revitalization Project.

The program led to new roofs, signs, lighting, heating and cooling systems, windows and other improvements for 27 businesses, according to the Trumbull County grants coordinator Julie Green.

The work was paid for with a $300,000 Community Development Block Grant, reserved for low-to- moderate-income areas, $194,600 in matching funds from the Trumbull County commissioners, $75,000 in revolving loan funds from the City of Girard Community Improvement Corporation, and $233,000 in private cash the businesses invested in their properties.

The work also was a boon for local contractors. Nearly 2,000 hours of trade work went into the projects, resulting in a combined payroll of $91,000 for laborers, electricians, roofers, heating and cooling workers and others.

The project push also resulted in improvements to 17 other buildings outside of the project.

Businesses that benefited from the program are:

• Micon Inc., 30 W. Main St., roof replaced;

• Dr. Baytosh Dental Office, 136 S. State Street, lighting and fascia work;

• CPA Office, 55 W. Liberty St., waterline and HVAC;

• Dairy Queen, 201 S. State St., electronic sign installed;

• IGW Trust/Jib Jab Hot Dog Shop, 313 S. State St., interior LED lighting;

• IGW Trust/Steel Valley Spay Neuter Clinic, 405 S. State St., roof replaced;

• Dr. Cosentino Podiatrist Office, 603 N. State St., HVAC and roof;

• Frankford Bicycle, 964 N. State St., window replaced;

• Frankford Storage, 940 N. State St.,garage doors;

• Blackhorse Tavern, 100 W. Liberty St., roof repairs;

• Environmental Protection Systems LLC, 54 W. Liberty St., facade improvements;

• Girard Machine, 700 Dot St., lighting;

• Stephanie Leigh Bridal, 920 N. State St., facade improvements;

• Olguns Cafe, 11 W. Liberty St., HVAC replacement;

• Italian Fraternal Home, 33 W. Wilson Ave., gable roof;

• Furniture Showcase, 600 N. State St., door and windows;

• Dr. Ragozine Dental Office, 28 E. Main St., HVAC replacement;

• Kinnick Funeral Home, 222 S. State St., side entrance portico;

• Amen Corner, 20 W. Main St., roof replaced;

• Melfi & Santangelo, 909 N. State St., lighting and fire suppression/awning;

• Knight Line Signature Apparel, 16 W. Liberty St., HVAC replacement;

• TS Simone, 49 W. Liberty St., HVAC replacement;

• Salon Stefano, 123 W. Liberty St., door;

• Premier Integration, 50 Harry St., facade improvements;

• Emmanuel Community Care Center, 2 N. State St., door;

• Brainard Rivet, 222 Harry St., internal and external gutter system;

• Knights of Columbus, 122 South State St., roof repairs.