Woman attacked in her back yard

WARREN — A woman told police she was cut on her left cheek and calf Monday by a man wielding a razor blade in the back yard of her Lane Drive SW home, according to a city police report.

The woman, 42, sustained minor injuries about 1 p.m., the report states.

The woman told police a man came to her back window threatening her about 12:30 a.m. Monday. The man returned about 12 hours later and confronted the woman in her back yard.

Again after making threats, the report states, the man attacked the woman with a razor blade, and he jumped over a fence and fled.

Both times, the woman said the man was dressed in all black, wearing a black ski mask, the report states.

The woman told police the incident may have something to do with a dispute she was having with her sister, the report states. No arrests were made.