Southington to study road weight limits

SOUTHINGTON — Township trustees agreed to ask the Trumbull County Engineer’s Office to study several local roads to determine appropriate load limits for them.

Trustee Chairman Sam Plott said the Council of Governments has addressed road deterioration throughout the county since several townships are concerned that heavy trucks and other vehicles have worn them away.

”We want to have our roads checked and tested to see the weight limits and postings,” Plott said.

He said the township’s road supervisor already checked the roads, but trustees want the county’s input.

Trustees voted 3-0 at a special meeting Friday to have the county study sections of Leiby-Osborne Road, Barcaly Messerly Road and Anthony Anderson Road.

”The county will tell us what the legal load limit should be,” Plott said. “The trustees then would have to petition the county commissioners to make it official.”

Trustees said a permit system that mirrors what the county does could be implemented. The county requires heavy trucks and vehicles carrying heavy loads to acquire permit.

Special permits would be issued for garbage trucks traveling on the roads regularly or trucks making one-time visits. There would a different fee structure, Plott said. Also, an annual or quarterly permit could be issued. Companies that use several trucks a week could get a permit to cover all vehicles,” he noted.

Trustee Dan Tietz said the county will be able to provide a ton limit.

Officials said they usually only post ton limit restrictions when there is a bridge or a culvert on a road.