Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Sept. 20-26:


Mark E. Homrighouse to Matthew and Heather Hlifka, 2057 Quail Run, $178,000.

Qualified Builders LLC to MYD Investments LLC, Wilshire Drive, $29,000.

Jonathon Moffett to Michelle L. Lawrence, 3174 Deer Trail Unit B., $63,000.

Keith E. and Kara Ainsley to Thomas F. and Desire M. Soini Jr., 2118 Niles Cortland, $285,000.


Patricia Barbe to Keith Kingdom, 1542 Bloomfield Kinsman, $13,000.


Donald and Jamie Schultz to Jared and Jessica Bilas, Messick South Road, $17,000.

Nancy McPeak to Johnny M. and Leona R. Brown, Mahan Denman, $72,250.


US Bank Trust NA to Meade and Melanie Everson, 8145 Ohio, $41,000.

US Bank Trust NA to Ella Daensizer, 5745 Stewart Sharon, $40,500.

Louise Medvec to Joshua D. and Melinda E. Smith, 6600 Warren Sharon, $90,000.

George W. Koches and Brenda D. Robinson to Samantha LaCamera, 1980 Custer Orangeville, $90,000.

Ella Cantrell to Johnathan Edwards, 687 Hazelton, $7,500.


Gregory and Maureen Rowland to Joseph and Elizabeth Meikle, 5260 Sabrina Lane, $190,526.

Walter F. and Donna J. Harris to Bank of New York Mellon, 5124 Craig, $87,400.

David Follmeyer to Bryan M. Cupp and Debra Ozanich, 377 Meadowview Circle, $145,000.

Vernon J. and Jonathan Yoder to Monica D. and Jason A. Cameron, 5515 Mahoning, $124,500.

George James Georges to Anthony and Rachel Joseph, Mahoning, $17,000.


Manson W. Smith to Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc., 2095 Youngstown Kingsville Road, $46,000.

Robinson Real Estate Investment to Matthew R. and Kaylynn D. Abbey, 3927 Ridge, $171,000.


Joseph Capan to Charles B. Warrix III, 259 Wae Trail, $170,000.

Greg and Colleen Lazzari to Mark and Eileen Novotny, 217 Robbies Run, $220,500.

Amanda Belski to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 231 Greenbriar, $70,000.

Dustin Realini to Joseph and Brittany Burnich, 120 Vinetree, $185,000.

Bartholomew J. Wilson and Rebecca L. Puhak to Jennifer and Julio Zorrosa, 196 Natale, $125,000.

James A. Nichols to Bryan L. Smith and Erin C. Glaab, 254 Whitetail Run, $185,000.

Diana B. McBride to Harrell and Ryanne Beach, 225 Robbies Run, $195,000.

James L. and Kathy A. Watson to Paulette Martin, 396 Cherry Hill Lane, $212,000.


Paul E. and Laura D. Miller to Daniel A. and Martha C. Byler to 4589 state Route 88, $125,000.


Cretella Rentals LLC to Susan Monaco, 525 Forsythe, $82,000.

Linda and Fran Manow to Sara Smith and Dorothy Gearhart, 17 E. Prospect, $35,000.

John J. Jones to Aura Deibeil, 14 Sioux Trail, $155,250.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Michael E. Masich, 341 Illinois, $12,500.

Kenneth L. and Nina L. Smith to Glen Fagin, 312 Illinois, $27,000.

RPD Inc. to Anthony J. Carrozzi, 503 Washington, $49,000.

Mary Kay Papas to William G. and Janet A. Jones, 1569 Greenwood, $65,000.


Roxanne L. Smith to Tyler R. Burns, 4331 Bushnell Campbell, $157,000.


Richard Hlaudy to Melissa Armstrong, 2395 Stillwagon, $91,000.

Larry Hardman and Jennifer Hardman to Billy and Alison Eng, 2512 Forest Springs Drive, $280,000.

Kirby Gank to Nathaniel and Michelle Hauenstein, 9287 King Graves, $261,000.

Nicole M. Bates to Affordable Residence LLC, 8199 Kenyon, $135,000.

William and Pamela McCreary to Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc., 3898 Hightree, $58,000.

David Baiduc to TNR of Warren Inc., 2428 Elm, $37,000.

Richard E. and Janine M. Martin to Joy and Steven Schuyler, 8568 Carriage Hill, $150,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Daniel Joseph Varez, 3338 Draper, $33,099.

Charles W. Barnhart and Rachel L. Penick to Andrew A. and Megan L. Pirigyi, 306 Wheelock, $131,900.

Carl A. Smith to Jill L. Cunningham, 3886 Hightree, $53,000.

Melinda A. Dieter to Brian J. and Rachel L. Penick, 1957 Henn Hyde, $175,000.

JP Maggio LLC to Random Ventures LLC, 3502 Overlook, $28,000.


Connie Ressler to Michael Dunn and Laura Bowen, Sittig, $3,000.

Judith A. Howard to Christine Mattessich, 6231 Chestnut Ridge, $93,000.

Stephen and Marian DeGenaro to Gabriel Everson, 5651 W. Liberty, $115,000.

Edgar and Susan Wilms to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 138 Caroline, $60,000.

Steve and Sherry Barto to John H. and Deborah L. Wimer, Rennels, $105,500.

Antoinette Foltz to Antoinette Foltz , 134 Bentley, $15,000.

Lillian I. Thomas to Angela Leshnack, 311 Christian, $117,000.


Lloyd Flenoury Jr. to Bradley Constiner and Heather Cain, 8466 State, $98,100.


Gerald Santagata to Jeremiah Pitoscia, 1051 Susan Lane, $106,000.

June Darlene Martin and Joann Kay to Robert M. and Joy Russell, 6180 Sodom Hutchings, $46,500.

Richard Kelly to Wells Fargo Financial Ohio 1 Inc., 3740 Logan Way, $26,000.

Chun S. Lee and Young M. Lee to Justin M. Higley, 1130 Timbercrest, $124,000.


Michael Reeve and Cynthia Frank to Woodrow Patterson, 5415 Palmyra, $75,000.

Thomas W. and Sharon L. Nutt to Thomas W. and Sharon L. Nutt, 3165 Lyntz Townline, $100,000.


Theodore Snyder to Russell Delong, 523 Illinois, $16,000.

Delee and Kourtney Kidd to VT Larney LTD, 208 Pennsylvania, $35,400.


Deborah A. Cole to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 6023 state Route 46, $52,500.


Loretta Engle to Lynn D. Lewis, 4265 Kinsman, $20,000.

Crist E. and Ida N. Byler to Crist E. and Ida N. Byler, 7851 Parkman Mesopotamia Road, $70,426.

Jake T. and Sylvia K. Mast to Jake T. and Sylvia K. Mast, Wilcox Road, $7,000.

Allen M. and Mary T. Mullet, to Allen M. and Mary T. Mullet, 4662 Kinsman Road, $35,000.


John Enberg to Danielle Waggoner, 22 Church St., $65,000.

Paul and Bethany Stanton to Michael A. and Brenda A. Hall, Woodlawn, $124,225.

Alexander Tocco to Patricia Pickens and Kristie K. Thompson, Ravenna, $85,040.

US Bank NA to Thomas Sharfal, 206 Mayhill, $45,000.


George Corado to Douglas Marburger, 1612 Carnegie, $85,000.

David O’Neil and Peggy Talbot to Marie Furlong, 942 Park Place Drive, $152,500.

Steve and Boonlert Heidbrider to Wells Fargo Financial Ohio 1 Inc., 43 Beaver, $20,000.

Joseph Benka to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 213 Highland, $40,000.


Vernon C. Caretti and Robert J. Johnson to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 2642 Barclay Messerly, $100,000.

Paul C. Wick to Cherokee Construction Services LLC, 4461 Prentice Road, $119,700.


Timothy I. and Nicolette J. Henry to Joseph Csizmadia, 1340 Pleasant Valley, $43,952.


Belinda Decker to Amber Cochran, Meadowbrook, $29,900.

Nicky and Felicia Freeman to Alyssa Connelly and Ryan Bissett, 349 Foster, $81,000.

Laura M. Petrocco to Jerome and Patricia Denovchek, 1715 Sheridan, $24,750.

Andre Riley to Kapplands LLC, 4015 Leavitt, $115,000.

Westvue Property 1 LLC to Kelly Cashwell, 1207 Genesee, $105,000.

Alan Richard Hunt to Christopher Williams, 1312 Edgehill, $6,000.

Shawn O’Malley to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 1408 Kensington, $40,000.

Ronald and Courtney Landrum to the Wilmington Trust Company, 2041 Stewart, $20,000.

Shirley Himes to US Bank National Association, 1591 Bonnie Brae, $18,000.

James and Paula Ruth Wagner to Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC, 2214 Northwest Boulevard, $22,500.

Scott Rosier and Christine Humphrey to James B. Nutter & Company, 2917 Palmyra, $38,460.

Robert Grable and Carrie Duncan to Fabiani LLC, 685 Maple, $4,500.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas to Kelly Gibowicz, 3365 Tanya, $18,000.

Ann T. Vargo to PArkman Group LLC, 2400 Parkman Road, $45,000.

Robert and Karen Adamson to Jerome A. Scott, 1040 Bennett, $44,000.

Thomas A. Tobias II to JTB Homes LLC, 981 Riverview, $25,000.

Jacqueline S. Henderson to Loretta E. Revis, 3255 Bon Air, $55,000.


Wells Fargo Bank NA to Cecilia England and William Lipscomb, 2225 Fourth St., $16,500.

Patricia A. Blanche to Leonard and Rebecca Drake, 1717 Stillwagon, $170,500.

Nancy Koperdak to Ken A. Daigle, Wildwood, $38,000.

Jennifer M. and Christopher Frazzini to Dennis J. Lepowsky Jr., 2654 Mary Jane, $121,000.


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