Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Aug. 24 — 30:


Andrea C. Mathews to Kuang-Yir Derico and Christopher L. Kasabi, 3302 Trappers Trail Unit C, $79,000.

Kenneth and Edward Bee to Marilyn McBride, 3073 Ivy Circle Unit C, $25,000.

Spring Lane Estates LTD to Trumbull Rentals LLC, Ivy Hill, $7,100.

Linda P. Lee and Thomas E. Palmer to Ronald L. and Ruth A. Frye, 3389 Ivy Hill Circle Unit F, $84,000.

Ronald L. and Ruth A. Frye to Ronald L. and Ruth A. Frye, 3389 Ivy Hill Circle Unit F, $84,000.

Lewis J. Groves Jr. and Mary E. Groves to Terri L. Gray, 3234 Deer Trail A, $74,000.


Ja-Itse Garrison to William A. Evans, 2700 Flagg East, $27,000.


Ronald and Ruth Frye to Michael J. and Ashley B. Constantino, 1110 Bailey Anderson, $129,000.


Margaret A. Kratofil Zilk and David M. Zilk Sr. to Lisa R. and James E. Rankin, 1017 Broadway, $59,900.


Benjamin S. and Lora L. Huhn to Amanda Howard and Patrick Howard, 6061 South Catawba Lane, $207,500.

Lenore Callihan to Ronald J. and Jacqueline L. Boggs, 43 Heath, $130,000.

William Bacorn to Travis W. Orr and Ruth A. Orr, 6921 N. Park, $175,000.

Jana L. Collins to US Bank National Association, 4769 Damon, $20,000.

Business Funds LLC to Timothy E. and Paula L. Spacht, 5262 Calla, $104,500.

Michelle M. Mercandino to Robert A. Becker, 741 State, $109,900.


Thomas J. Stefano to Thomas J. and Patricia Stefano, 154 Turquoise, $105,000.


Elmer N. and Esther J. Mast to Nelson E. and Nancy M. Hostetler, 368 W. Main St., $240,000.


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to VT Larney LTD, Crumlin, $48,900.

Keith A. and Dana L. Schubert to Vicent Freedman, 427 Broadway, $115,000.

Jessie Acierno to Richard T. and Nancy A. Manuel, 323 Dearborn, $33,300.


Herold R. and Deborah J. Johnson to Thomas and Susan Weaver, Bushnell Campbell, $50,000.


Keith A. and Heidi Spicher to Jill Deutsch, 3910 Southwood, $154,500.

Tara Gladd to Jennifer Hartman, 4007 Crestview, $88,500.

Thomas E. and Elaine K. Sheridan to Susan M. Alberini, 103 N. Aspen Unit 1, $131,500.

Michael and Susan L. Datish to Kevin Simmons, 3840 Jeanette, $108,000.

William G. and Karen A. Sandford to Samuel Foster, 7622 Pegotty, $146,500.


Ronald and Sandra L. Miller to Jason D. Bika, 832 W. Park, $108,000.

Nancy Devine Shinosky to Deborah D. Garchar, 860 W. Park, $94,500.

Helene M. Smith to Michael J. Palmer, 520 Sunset, $49,900.

Gloria J. Devine to Sandra L. Miller, 323 Christian, $125,000.

Emma M. Ridel to Sheila M. Beck, 646 Jerry, $96,000.

L&S Ventures LTD to Stephanie W. Fink and Zachary J. Fink, 58 Moore, $50,000.

RTM Development LLC to Richard Seitz Jr., 2661 Bell Wick, $195,000.


Patricia Grace Culver and Ronald J. Culver to Nick Domitrovich, 5373 Kingsvile, $344,150.


Harold J. Mathews and Amy J. Viets to Kenneth J. Konopinski and Alana Reeves, 9925 State, $120,000.


Donald Guarnieri to Dennis E. and Marie S. Roller, Crestwood, $10,000.

Clarence and Phyllis Reich to Melissa Malone, 1082 Leslie Lane, $79,900.

Dina M. Angelo to Geraldine Dewitt, 3456 Ohio Trail, $81,250.


FV-I Inc to Evelyn P. Antal, 2618 Lyntz Townline , $75,000.


Tom Batcho to George D. and Rosaleen D. Duritsa, 1112 New Jersey, $62,000.

Sandra L. Jones to Morgan and Kara M. Sheesley, 821 Pennsylvania, $155,000.


Linda E. Harkins to Julia L. Valot, 1021 Woodglen, $75,000.

Debra McElravy to Pekarovic Land Co. LLC, Garfield, $16,500.

Ruthanne Brown and Brenna Gardener to Christopher B. Ford, 4890 Fairport, $90,000.

Carol Ferry to US Bank National Association, Park, $62,000.

George E. and Pamela J. Workman to Yvonne and Joseph Korhan, Ticknor, $73,000.

Cassandra A. Falcone to Eric Knoch, Scott, $71,500.


Linda Wermer and James T. Andamasaris to James T. and Eugenia Andamasaris, 424 Belmont, $58,600.

Elnora G. Guth to Melissa Bixler and Chad Chamberlain, 1410 Old Forge, $66,000.

Nelson Brutz Jr. to Patrick Moro, 115 Moreland, $39,300.

Charles Gresko to Jessica Barker, 416 Summit, $72,000.

Darlene Cole to Danette L. Moore, 1410 Hillcrest, $50,000.

Donald L. Bennett to Amy M. and Robert J. Bertuzzi, 423 Elm, $94,900.


David A. Kelley to Stosh Slater and Laurissa Parsons, 2141 Anderson Anthony, $79,900.


Linda Wermer and James T. Andamasaris to James T. and Eugenia Andamasaris, 424 Belmont, $58,600.

Keith Cooper to Denver Adkins, 1564 Elm, $22,000.

Wilmington Trust National Association to Ryan and Laurie Wilhelm, 136 Iddings, $14,900.

Eldora Crosten to William Braham Jr., 1121 Winters, $28,000.

Norma Cobb to Robert and Pamela Canfield, 5924 Risher, $12,000.

Global Premier Asset Servicing Inc. to Shontell Williams and Frank Cross, 2052 Colonial, $3,000.

Elizabeth M. King to Charles and Grace Kronis, 510 Kenilworth, $29,000.

Betty J. Cobb to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, 1724 Lexington, $28,000.

Shawn M. Johnson to US Bank National Association, 859 Mason, $3,000.

Roseanne Rossi and Kathleen Bernard to Raymond T. and Nicole M. Crawford, Perkinswood Boulevard, $168,000.


John M. and Janice M. Budrevich to TLD 3 LTD, Ohltown McDonald, $10,000.