On the record: Leavittsburg

WHAT: Warren Township trustee meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Kay Anderson, Bob Bush and Ed Anthony


• Hired Kayla M. Stamm as a part-time police officer at $10.50 per hour effective Friday. She had previously been a reserve officer;

• Hired Jayna Vilsack as a paramedic at $9.50 per hour and Brian Schotsch as an emergency medical technician at $9.75 per hour;

• Accepted the resignation of James Lewis as a police officer effective Aug. 28 and resignation of William Collins Jr. from the township zoning commission. Collins moved to Cortland;

• Reported the home at 2984 Templeton Road had been torn down after four years of effort. Several residents at the meeting asked to get other homes on Caleb Road in poor condition torn down. Bush said it is a long process to get a home taken down, often three to four years. He said with the many abandoned homes, the township is owed $3.5 million in back property taxes. Fire Chief Ken Shick said it is not legal to burn homes down because some vacant homes are insured by banks. He said homeless people also have been in some of the homes;

• Heard from resident Raymond Fowler of Wakefield Road of the need for cameras by the recycling bins since they are often a mess with overflowing items in the bins and trash on the ground, including the one off North River Road. He said there also has been problems with stray cats in residents’ gardens;

• Heard from resident Darryl Parker of Miller Street of the need to seek grants to get sidewalks on the section of Tod Avenue near Jefferson K-8 School and in front of local businesses such as Dollar General. Officials said they have tried to get sidewalks and also get the Warren City Schools involved to seek the ”Safe Routes to School” grants for sidewalks on both sides of road;

• Set trick-or-treat 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 31.

— Bob Coupland