Another Golden Triangle project to start soon

HOWLAND — Improvements to two roads in Howland will allow businesses in the Golden Triangle to grow, township and Trumbull County officials said.

Trumbull County commissioners awarded a $198,451 bid to J.S. Bova Excavating LLC of Struthers to widen and improve draining on Mill Street and Supreme streets in Howland’s section of the Golden Triangle, an industrial area roughly encompassed between North Park Avenue and Larchmont Avenue, with a southern tip where Dana Street and North Park Avenue meet in Warren and extending out into the township.

The majority of the project will be paid for by an Appalachian Regional Commission Rapid Response Grant for $140,800. An Ohio Department of Transportation Jobs and Commerce Grant, $8,500 from Howland and in-kind services from the Trumbull County Engineer’s Office make up the rest of the cash.

Work is expected to begin in October and to be completed before snow starts falling, Gary Shaffer, deputy county engineer, said.

“There is an urgency to this project — it is to support a growing business,” Shaffer said.

Two fire hydrants will be installed that will allow an expansion at Flex Strut to be used, Shaffer said. The company has been unable to use the expansion because there wasn’t access to water fire suppression, he said.

“Improving the roadways and transportation in the Golden Triangle will improve access to and from the companies over there. We are very happy the project will get started soon and be completed this year. It is really important to get these improvements,” said Darlene St. George, Howland Township’s administrator.

The roads that will be improved have always been narrow and had poor drainage, Shaffer said.

The county rejected a $268,000 bid from Karvo Companies Inc. of Stow, a $284,000 bid from Utility Contracting Inc. of Youngstown and a $295,000 bid from S.E.T. Inc. of Lowellville.