Property transfers

Property transferred in Trumbull County Aug. 4-10:


Carol Cunningham to Daniel R. Miller, 3149 Ivy Hill Circle Unit D, $52,000.

Donald Barnhart to Carol Cunnningham, 3307 Trapper Trail Unit B, $67,000.

Alyssa and John Kappas to Zella Perri, 3342 Woodland Trail Unit A, $72,500.

Kenneth Cunningham and Bradley Manning to Kenneth Cunningham , Stonegate Drive, $30,000.

Adrienne L. Moll to Robert Ashton and Gwyn Vukmer, 3114 Warren Meadville, $125,000.


Middlefield Baking Co. to Rex King Jr., 6092 Corey Hunt, $10,000.


Kirk J. and Lissette Gray to Nichole Bashlor, 45 Lorain, $47,000.

April M. Montgomery to William C. O’Brien, 6974 Grove, $28,000.

Donald and Jessica Golub to Christopher Troyer, 8169 Lorain, $20,000.


Belva Harris to MTGLO Investors LP, 6095 North Park, $44,180.

Perthenia S. Kingdon to Clarice Spiss, 1380 Waverly, $109,000.

Philip and Charles Sellers to Terry and Eleanor Austin, 5923 Louise, $90,000.


John Wazelle to Justine Hinkle, 132 Willow, $106,000.


Kurtis Miketa to Amanda D. Lewis, 610 Joan, $74,900.

Cranston Family Limited to Heather Bentley, 452 Forsythe, $58,500.


Shawn and Anne Marineau to Marilyn H. Williams, 1215 Pleasant Valley, $48,300.

Jonette Barrett and Sharon A. Smith to Alex J. Jonosik and Michelle R. Johnson, 4333 Sunnybrook, $96,000.

Kristi L. Wooten and Larry E. Swiger to Joshua and Kristi Palmer, 1323 Cranbrook, $121,000.

Don Flamino and Joann Pennachio to Michael and Kelsea O’Brien, 2089 Celestial, $230,000.

Erin McGee to Mike Obradovich Jr., 2520 N. River Unit B17, $23,500.

Eva Marie Hawkes to Rachel Pappa, 2745 Virginia, $44,400.

Thomas D. and Bruce E. Johnson to Michael Johnson, 8156 Kenyon, $120,000.

Edward Zigmont to Ron Hostert, 2801 Gretchen, $135,000.

Erin Waldron to Dominique DeSanti, 8374 Brookwood, $128,500.

Rhonda Mulvey to John D. and Angela M. Hammond, 1045 Cambridge NE, $250,000.

Donald Guarnieri to Calvin Clay, Bolin, $800.


Reichard Mann to Timothy P. and Kathleen J. Graham, 326 Grandview, $224,000.

US Bank National Association to Alvarez Realty Inc, 350 Caroline, $55,684.

Tania Warminski to Brian G. and Maria A. Good, 3666 Creed, $205,000.

Mark D. and Eleanor D. Starheim to Robin Rader and John Brenner, 986 W. Liberty, $145,000.

Louis Schmuck to Robert W. Flower and Tamara Swan, 34 Orchard, $10,000.

US Bank NA to Eric and Amanda Rigby, 385 Eastwood, $145,000.


Jeffrey L. Carlson to Robert C. and Sharon J. Carlson, 5244 Kingsville, $120,834.


Richard C. Webb to Carol J. Scott, 6149 state Route 5, $83,000.


CMRD LLC A Florida Limited Liability Company to TFJJ LLC, 555 Tibbetts Wick, $211,602.

Wanda J. Pullin to Richard and Luanna Esbenshade, Tibbets Wick, $15,000.

Michele Williams to Frank and Deborah K. Schubert, 5681 Logan Arms, $159,900.

Mildred Beasley to JPAR Investments LLC, 5222 Logan Arms, $62,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Jennifer Dallessandro, 1425 Tomilu, $43,900.

Francoise Litch to William and Victoria Caron, 4749 Fifth, $62,500.

Linda M. Culver to William and Sherri Lowry, 1977 Oriel Rodgers, $112,500.

Gurbinder and Amarbir Gill to Antonio Borton, 1157 Willowood, $95,000.


Steve Pelo to James F. and Mary E. Gates, state Route 45, $200,000.


Dawn M. Holland to Janet L. Eden, 6868 Hoagland Blackstub, $75,000.


ERM Associates LLC to Kevin Didriksen, 8735 state Route 534, $110,000.


Citi Mortgage Inc to Mark and Melanie Nalepa, 207, St. John, $32,000.

Vernon Realty LLC to Christine Linert, 549 Belmont, $35,000.

Nikhil Suri to William Wensel, 25 Summerberry Lane, $75,000.

Michael W. Cool and Felicia M. Garber to Corey Zallow, 39 Wayne, $47,500.

Philip and Dianne Melillo to Jill A. Samuelson, 854 Bowman, $91,500.

Kovell Properties LLC to Ray Lee and Anna Riley, 20 Russell, $30,000.

Lydia A. Prokay and Jacqueline M. Thomas to Arlene McCauley, 80 St. John, $22,000.

Patrick J. and Dennie G. Griffin to Kyle L. Griffin, 1042 Salt Springs Road, $67,000.


Lance Perrine to Michael Brakovich, Parkman Road, $26,000.


Castlerock 2017 LLC to Debra Lou Miller Rasmussen, 5024 Youngstown Conneaut, $36,000.


Richard and Brenda Perkins to U.S. Bank National Association, 5505 Burnett, $23,375.

Michelle M. Miller and James M. Sypert to Joseph and Sharon Piteo, 3831 North Woods Unit 5, $58,900.

Joseph Long Sr. and Michelle Long to Joshua A. Peters 1182 Southern Boulevard, $30,000.

Nutmasters LLC 401 K Plan to Ryan and Kathryn Curtis, 1340 Edgehill, $40,000.

Ozia F. and Essie R. Brown to Seth Steward and Adrian Steward, 514 York, $50,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Sara Frederick, Monticello, $29,000.

Christina M. Constiner to US Bank National Association, 855 Kenmore, $36,480.

Yvonne Yugovich to Tyechia L. Patterson, 3870 North Woods Unit 6, $74,500.