Warren, county to repair Harmon

Tribune Chronicle / R. Michael Semple County Commissioner Dan Polivka said it has been decades since anything was done to improve Harmon Avenue, the one-way street between the Trumbull County Administration Building on High Street and Trumbull Family Fitness, both on High Street NW. The avenue has on-street parking, crumbling sidewalks and leads to parking lots for the government buildings from Courthouse Square.

WARREN — While Trumbull County Commissioner Dan Polivka described what improvements he’d like to see to sidewalks on the one-way street leading to the county Administration Building, he tripped on a particularly large crack and nearly fell.

It’s been decades since anything was done to improve Harmon Avenue, Polivka said. But the county is pairing up with the city of Warren in an effort to secure funds for a $400,000 project to improve the thruway linking tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of visitors to county buildings to parking lots and Courthouse Square.

Parking lots off Harmon, which runs north from High Street to Monroe Avenue, between The Trumbull County Administration Building and Trumbull Family Fitness on High Street, also service several other county buildings — including the court, jail and sheriff’s office, plus numerous businesses.

Polivka said he want the area to develop into a “streetscape” a place where people can walk through safely, access government services and be proud of their community.

“It could be really nice,” Polivka said.

Trumbull County commissioners voted Wednesday to dedicate $50,000 of the county’s Community Development Block Grants funds to the project as a local match. Warren is putting in $30,000.

Warren is submitting a grant application through the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments for a piece of the $1 million every two years it issues in Transportation Alternatives Program funds.

The application is due at the end of August, and subcommittees under Eastgate will review the application, along with other project applications, and make competitive selections to fund. The money will be available in the summer of 2019 if the Harmon Avenue project is selected.

According to the application, the money would pay for new and additional lighting and the repavement of the sidewalk. Warren would repave the road under a different project.