Air show grounded by thunderstorms

VIENNA — Severe thunderstorms and lightning that hit the Mahoning Valley early Sunday afternoon grounded the Thunder Over the Valley Air Show at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station.

Taking shelter from the rain, hundreds of people were crowded into large hangars and other buildings at the Vienna base when an announcement was made shortly after 2 p.m. that the show was canceled.

Heavy rain and lightning lasted for almost an hour before security allowed groups of people to get to the buses shuttling them back to where their vehicles were parked.

The rain started just as the Thunderbirds, the U.S. Air Force’s official air demonstration team, were about to take off early in the afternoon. Event officials were forced to call it quits a little earlier than they had planned.

The National Weather Service in Cleveland at 1:30 p.m. issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern Trumbull County, mostly the Kinsman area, with reports of heavy rain, hail and winds of up to 60 miles per hour possible.

A Trumbull County 911 spokesman reported receiving calls of trees, branches and powerlines down with more than 40 reports coming into the center between 2 and 4 p.m., mostly from Vienna, Brookfield, Liberty and Fowler.

In the Girard and Liberty areas, trees were reported down on Warner Road, Naylor-Lloyd Road, Sodom-Hutchings Road and Lecretia Drive. Girard Fire Department officials said a large tree branch was reported to have fallen near Liberty Memorial Park off Elruth Avenue.

Lauren Sinburkis, an Ohio Edison spokeswoman, said more than 500 people in Trumbull County were without power due to the storm, with the majority in the Brookfield, Hubbard and Liberty areas. Power outages in a few areas in Warren were also reported.

Sinburkis said crews were out working to restore service as quickly as possible.

A second severe thunderstorm warning, with heavy rainfall, was issued for 6 p.m. for Trumbull County.

Residents on Rosegarden Drive in Howland reported extreme flooding, not only on the road but on residential properties.

A Warren Fire Department spokesman said a tree knocked out powerlines on Mercer Street and the storm set off alarm drops.