Recommended reads

From the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library staff

“At the Edge of the Orchard,” by Tracy Chevalier

(Adult Fiction)

James Goodenough, whose family had originally settled in Connecticut from England, brings his family to Ohio to carve out a new life for them in the Black Swamp in 1838. Fifteen years later, their youngest son, Robert, who has been running west to escape his memories of the past, takes solace in a very different kind of tree ­­– -the redwoods and sequoias of California. But Robert’s past catches up with him, and he’s forced to confront what he’s running from and realize that you can’t run forever. (Formats: Print; Large Type; e-audiobook; Book-on-CD)

“It Wasn’t Always Like This,” by Joy Preble (Teen Fiction)

The O’Neills and the Ryans have stopped aging. They drank something brewed on a remote island off St. Augustine, Fla., in 1916. This is fine with Emma O’Neill and Charlie Ryan. They’re in love, and they’ll always be 17 years old and together. Or so they thought. The Church of Light takes note of the families that don’t age and sets out to right this abomination. (Format: Print).

“Now You See Me, Now You Don’t,” by Silvia Borando

(Picture Book; ages 2-7)

Picture book meets memory game! The opening page of this book shows differently colored cartoon-style animals on a white background. The subsequent spreads have various background colors, causing some animals to disappear (except for their googly eyes). The fun comes from trying to remember what animal has blended into the background. A perfect book that even younger children can “read” and play with, either independently or in a group. (Format: Print))