Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Nov. 7-23:


Chester West to Raymond King, 3776 Hoagland Blackstub, $85,000.

Ansel Myers to Vincent Burnett and Nicole Burnett, 340 Pineside, $64,000.

Robert Mallendick and Susan Mallendick to Robert Mallendick Jr., 2285 Niles Cortland, $58,500.

Catherine Krok to Jeff Sarkany and Monica Sarkany, 3304 Trappers Trail Unit B, $77,500.

Christopher Jibotian to Bradley Miller, 3340 N. Park, $10,000.

James Kiplinger and April Kiplinger to William Susany and Karen Susany, 1096 Perkins Jones, $198,000.


Donald Westfall trustee to Robert Young Jr., 3111 Eagle Creek, $20,000.

Carl Calhoun and Sandra Calhoun to Carl Calhoun and Sandra Calhoun, 3060 Nelson Mosier, $144,000.


Donald Salley to Timothy Sowers II and Kimberly Sowers, Thompson Clark, $120,000.

Doug Stern to King Rental Properties Residential LLC, Oakfield North Road, $8,000.

Douglas Stern and Audrey Stern to Robben Cooper and Tabatha Cooper, 6500 Oakfield North, $265,000.


Gregory Ferrara and Mark Ferrara to Kevin Swogger, 376 Wintergreen, $82,500.

Bank of New York Mellon to Jim Ghizzoni and Darlene Ghizzoni, 807 Lynita, $63,101.

David Moore and Jessica McKeenie to David Moore, 675 Symes, $10,000.

Marjorie Peters to Mirko Juratovic and Barbara Juratovic, 7893 Service, $42,000.

Mirko Juratovic and Barbara Juratovic to Mirko Juratovic and Barbara Juratovic, $42,000.

Peter Kalogeras and Cynthia Kalogeras to Jeremy Lockard, 7992 Warren Sharon, $88,900.

Lori Reed and Mary Yourstowsky to Austin Farrand and Kendra Smith, 7161 Sunnydell, $119,900.


Anthony Sersich III and Lisa Sersich to Kenneth Shafer Sr. and Patricia Shafer, 259 Quail Run, $138,000.

Milton Cross to John Guyer and Ashley Guyer, 355 Prentice, $125,000.

Howard Caldwell to William Brady and Brenda Brady, 6388 Brianna Way, $325,000.

Angela Sarantino to Richard Warzala, 5862 Parkman, $45,000.

David Copenhaver to Lynn Copenhaver, Robinson Real Estate Investment, 6365 Mahoning, $40,000.

Kevin Quinby to Citimortgage Inc., 155 Stewart, $46,000.

Christopher Snyder and Linda Snyder to Alexander Property Development LLC, 1007 State, $74,100.

Samuel Weaver and Kristina Weaver to Noah Troyer Jr., 760 Center, $78,408.

Samuel Weaver and Kristina Weaver to Noah Troyer Jr., Center, $77,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Joseph Divieste, 6550 Mahoning, $27,400.

Brian Kuhns to Bank of America NA, 5335 Leslie, $58,320.

Charles Lobenthal and Susan Lobenthal to Eric Devault, Mahoning, $95,000.


Cheryl Nutt to Jason Gillespie, 170 Cricket Lane, $125,000.

Judith Marshall to Zane Stowe, 133 Diamond Way, $98,000.

Klarissa Ruiter to Windsor Way LLC, Front, $8,000.

James Schrecengost to Anthony Carson Sr., 182 Grove, $32,925.

Justin Pykare to CAS, 101 Brent, $112,000.

Russell Lauer Jr. to Shayne Jenkins, 4676 Warren Meadville, $112,000.


Andesite Residential Opportunity Fund LLC to Roger Dye, Geauga Portage Easterly, $14,613.

Maitino Farms LLC to Maitino Farms LLC, Parkman Easterly, $69,000.


Glen Adkins Sr. to GLV LLC, 2 Smith Court, $23,000.

Victor Quiroga to VT Larney LTD, 244 Broadway, $42,000.

Carrie Bourlier to Findley Boyd Jr. and Barbara Boyd, 175 Crumlin, $59,000.

John Macker to Dennis Courtney and Mary Courtney, 520 Hazel, $32,500.

Heidi Cope to Lawrence Bequeath and Benjamin Bequeath, 101 Stambaugh, $11,000.


Kyle Harnett and Jennifer Harnett to David Conner, 4875 Orangeville Sharon Road, $135,000.


Wayne Greenwood Jr. trustee to JDB Family LTD Partnership 1,600 Greens, $175,000.

Raymond A. Copeland Trustee to Scott Sofsky, 7775 Anderson, $74,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Mabel Hopson, 219 Rosegarden, $23,500.

Marian Pici to David Spies and Linda Spies, 2839 Howland Wilson, $311,000.

Siemans Vai Metals Technologies to Oakes Foundry Inc., Bronze Road, $280,000.

John B. Cook and Marilyn E. Cook to Trumbull Rentals LLC, 2109 state Route 46, $120,000.

Dwayne Miner and Deborah Miner to Kathleen Graham and Robert Graham, 2105 Brittainy Oaks, $243,500.

Lori Wolfe to Mallory Garich, 612 Laurelwood, $83,500.

Brent Lutman and Amber Wess to Amanda Guerra, 3859 Bellwood, $140,000.

Linda Spence to Jervis Holdings LLC, 379 state Route 46, $88,000.

Lora Hurst to Jean Saurel and Chislaine Saurel, 3607 Atlantic, $108,000.

Eli and Mary Gnatovich to Theodore Saum, 464 Laurelwood, $8,000.

Carl A. Smith to Theresa Robin, 3718 Hightree, $55,000.

James Dorchock and Diane Dorchock to James Paxos, 305 Chatham Court, $265,000.

Drucilla Zimomra to Daniel Lazor and Mary Lazor, 350 Avalon, $217,000.


Thomas Hibbard and Allyson Hibbard to Eldon Clute, 264 Grandview, $64,000.

Donald Revis and Geraldine Revis to Joseph Davis and June Davis, 104 Bentley, $25,000.

Santo Valentin and Karen Valentin to William Benson and Emily Benson, 3758 Main St., $79,900.

Meander Homes Construction Inc. to Benjamin Kyle and Sable Beshara-Kyle, Elaine Court, $21,000.

Alexander Forte to Joshua Jones and Stephanie Meeds, 7638 Catherine, $88,000.

Tammy Wilcox to Ashley Kolat and Chad Kolat, 125 Orchard, $44,000.

Charles Kettering and Mary Kettering to East End Express of Hubbard LLC, 853 E. Liberty, $120,000.

James Michael Builders LLC to Jhansi Point III, 3463 Timber Point Boulevard, $316,000.

Marianne Schuster to Jordan Purdie and Alyssa Sikora, 7626 Catherine, $90,000.


Nancy Galvin and Linda Chaney to Robert Riddle and Donna Riddle, 6387 Kingsville, $50,000.


Judith Rudkin to Violet Rice, Warren Meadville, $15,000.

Great Plains Exploration LLC to Rockefeller Oil Company LLC, 3163 Warren Meadville, $800.


Kathryn Kohut to US Bank Trust NA, Colonial, $18,000.

Paul Temelkoff and Sonja Temelkoff to Steven Scullion, 500 E. Liberty, $81,000.

Janet Fleischer to Todd Petro, 1070 Ravine, $117,000.

Kyle Barker to Jennifer Chieffo, 5689 Sampson, $165,000.

Nicholas Zagotti to Stefon Hall and Vanessa Hall, 540 Seacrist Lane, $71,750.

Mary Donchatz to Richard Churchill and Pamela Churchill, 1398 Tomilu, $79,875.

Donald Colvin and Natasha Colvin to HSBC Bank USA NA trustee, 2003 Burning Tree Lane, $65,000.

Amjad Alirefaei to MTGLQ Investors LP, 3101 Goleta, $22,000.

Jeffrey Fitzhenry and Melinda Aeppli to Skyler Hodges, 1399 Red Oak, $66,000.

Jared Devorich to Michael Pozega, 2202 Pleasant Valley, $86,000.


Richard Beveridge to Timothy Halas and Jennifer Halas, 2566 Pritchard Ohltown, $135,000.

Jacquelyn Tura and Lawrence Tura to DG Lordstown LLC, Tod Ave., $78,800.


Doss Heyen and Amanda Heyen to Gayle Bowser, Grant, $53,500.

Lois Bumback trustee to Richard Mazza Jr., 840 New Jersey, $158,000.

Dennis Mounts and Joseph Acierno to John Jerome and Frances Jerome, 409 Seventh, $62,000.

Kelly Dubasik and Virginia Cage to Patrick Delmark Jr. and Heather Delmark, 300 Sixth, $49,000.

Everbank to Simon Werle and Abi Werle, 218 Pennsylvania, $3,000.


The Bank of New York Mellon to Thaddeus Kasiewicz, 7139 Phillips Rice Road, $68,000.

Jason Read to Bank of New York Mellon, 7355 state Route 46, $56,000.


Luke Grunder to Gregory Moser and Raechelle Moser, 427 Ophelia, $78,500.

Paul Wagner and Stacy Wagner to Nationwide Advantage Mortgage company, 4412 Richmond, $51,030.

Christine Roupe to Iris Jones, 1577 Wilson, $69,000.

Edwin Hoerig to Debra Horner, 20 W. Fourth, $97,000.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to R&S Land Company LTD, 130 Pleasant, $14,000.

Raymond Donadio and Judy Donadio to Jalto Holdings LLC, 45 Summit, $18,000.

Luellen Wilson to Mark Altobelli and Maria Altobelli, 124 McDonald, $51,500.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Joseph Crouser, 209 Beaver, $16,000.

Ronald Bowman and Delena Bowman to Bridgett Drotar, 22 St. John Ave., $55,000.

Carl Smith to Teresa Wilson, 120 Gilbert, $50,000.

William Harris Jr. to Kimberly Rowbotham, Battles, $57,000.

Tony Dando Life Estate to Deborah Barber and Joseph Barber, 413 Ann, $13,700.

Charles Papas to the Most Rev. George V. Murray S.J., 420 Allison, $9,000.

Phillip Jarmome to NMF LAnd Company LLC, 406 Hunter, $16,000.

Nicholas Erro and Rebecca Gatta to Roger Miklasiewicz and Gloria Gallech, 845 Nancy, $90,730.

Nancy Walker to Susan Eddy, 39 Woodland Chase, $117,000.


Danielle Steele to Adam Macaluso and Tiffany Olson, 2798 Warren Burton, $92,500.

Carl Calhoun and Sandra Calhoun to Willis Weaver and Cindy Weaver, state Route 45, $106,340.

David Ihrig and Linda Ihrig to US Bank Trust NA as trustee, 3237 Warren Burton, $100,000.

Wray Management Co. to Deutsche National Trust Company, 5302 Herner County Line, $78,200.

Gordon Beatty and Marilyn Beatty to Roddy Rudkin, Leiby Osborne, $110,000.


Great Plains Exploration LLC to Rockefeller Oil Company LLC, 3163 Warren Meadville, $800.

Daniel Reeher to Rod Holzapfel and Bonnie Holzapfel, Orangeville Kinsman, $25,000.


Alvarez Realty Inc. to Sandra Fisher, 1367 Niles Vienna Road, $70,475.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company to Trumbull County Land Utilization Company, 2064 Sheridan, $15,050.

Alex Tayler LLC to Trumbull County Land Reutilization Company, 340 Vine, $4,950.

Vernon Realty LLC to R & S Land Company LTD, 780 Miller, $15,000.

Rachel Rhodes to Kibble Investments LLC, 2915 Northwest Blvd., $33,000.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to James Mann Sr., 920 Perkinswood, $13,500.

Philip Smith DBA A-1 Properties And Development LLC to George Miller and Judith Miller, 821 Fairmount, $86,500.

Edward Crawford to Tecnocap LLC, 2100 Griswold, $842,000.

U.S. National Bank Association to Christine Gibowicz, 227 Perkinswood, $29,500.

Darla Slater to Dana Popielec, 1707 Lexington, $40,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to DTH REO Inc., 158 Dickey, $2,119.

Howard Lymor to Jayland Holdings LLC, 1124 McKinley, $20,000.

Barbara Peyatt to Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC, 3394 Elm Hill, $15,000.

Jeffrey Mayhugh and Honey Mayhugh to Wilmington National Trust Association, 1566 Ogden, $2,000.

Darlene Roberts to Bank of America NA, 2346 Monticello, $28,000.

Mary L. Miller to Builtrite Enterprises LLC, Fourth, $12,000.

Paul Taylor and Jill Taylor to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 2111 Beechwood, $40,000.

Sally Rodriguez to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 374 Oak Knoll, $26,000.

Timothy Sekela to JPMorgan Chase Bank NAtional Association, 1764 Atlantic, $50,000.

Helen Ciferno to Joshua Meraz and Ashley Meraz, 388 Hazelwood, $43,300.

Denise Bowen to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 3050 West, $25,920.

US Bank National Association to Kirsten A. Curtis and Ryan Curtis, 1228 Dodge, $27,000.

Robert Toth and Ronald Toth to Leslie Foster, 2870 Beal, $79,900.

Edwin Thomas and Susan Thomas to Christopher Sikora, 1077 Southern Boulevard, $6,100.

Superior Walls Land Co LLC to Cold Shot LLC, 1401 Pine, $250,200.

Rose Bright to Danielle Bright, 1785 Union, $8,000.

Gerald Mulroy to Angela Canann, 994 Pershing, $3,000.

Wanda Tomaski trustee to Carolyn Maher, 1701 Willow Brook Drive, $94,000.

Gregory Lubert to Sandra Kraml-Murray, 2752 Dartmoor, $126,800.

Henry Walker to Shawn Wheeler and Christy Wheeler, 851 Packard, $20,000.

Robert Kuzenko and Diana Kuzenko to Anthony Battee and Talera Battee, 3100 Youngstown, $50,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning Valley to John Miller, 2447 Hamilton, $7,000.

Barbara Peyatt to Joseph Millik and Rachel Millik, 171 Woodbine, $53,000.

Melissa Wise to Michael Custer and Jeanie Poyssick, 1881 Lexington, $76,900.

Barbara Peyatt to Sam Stergo, 1647 Southern Boulevard, $15,234.

Gerald Adams to Kirsten Curtis and Ryan Curtis, 2305 Parkwood, $30,000.

F. Timothy Richards and Dan Richards to Shawn Elswick and Alyssa McFarland, 1760 Dodge, $82,500.

Shawn Elswick and Alyssa McFarland to Shawn Elswick and Alyssa McFarland, 1760 Dodge, $82,500.

Douglas Fenstermaker to Robert Harvey III and Karen Harvey, 1724 Arthur, $64,214.

John Musser and Sandra McLane to GCB Ventures LLC, 3110 East Market, $88,000.

Elizabeth Coble to U.S. Bank National Association, 286 Lowell, $12,000.

Brian Zupp to Bank of New York Mellon, 1474 Hollywood, $22,000.

Karen Lukacs to Wesley Cluckey, 222 Parkman, $15,250.

Floyd Freer to Terry Hites and Carla Hites, 436 Leavitt, $7,000.

E. Juliet Nabeta to Warren Properties NW LLC, 1496 Union, $10,000.

Ramiro Ortega to Wendall Raimey Jr., 1689 West, $45,000.


Robert Bindas to Diane Mason-Dyer, 1623 Stillwagon, $120,000.

Robert Boyles to Scott Miller and Deborah Miller, 2472 Beech, $27,000.

Kara Disko to Joseph Aubel III, 1690 Stillwagon, $151,250.

Reva Hines to Paul Dourm and Millie Dourm, 1668 Warner Court, $95,000.

Chad Coleman and Julie Coleman to tevin Burley, 3691 St. Mary’s, $197,500.

James Shoup to Shelby Wiand, 933 Webb, $91,000.

Ralph Fellows and Kathleen Fellows to Paulette Jones and Jessica Jones, 3530 Oakview, $38,500.