Police identify murder victim

Was a young, new mother of 2-month-old

Becky Pyne, 22, was killed Saturday after she was shot. According to a police report, the shooting occurred here, 229 S. Leavitt Road in Warren.

WARREN — Police have identified Becky Pyne, 22, as the woman who was shot at her home and who died hours later while doctors at Trumbull Memorial Hospital tried to save her life.

Pyne was the new mother of a 2-month old baby, according to a GoFundMe.com post aimed at raising money to support the child and pay for Pyne’s funeral expenses.

Staff at Trumbull Memorial Hospital called police around 10:45 p.m. Saturday when Pyne was dropped off at the emergency room.

Pyne’s boyfriend, Shaun Simpson, 23, was later identified as the person who dropped her off. He returned to the hospital shortly after dropping their child off with a relative, according to Tribune Chronicle newspartner WKBN 27 News.

Pyne and Simpson shared the 229 S. Leavitt Road home identified as the place she was shot, according to the police report.

According to a post her father, Richard Pyne, made on Facebook, Pyne was fatally shot while protecting her baby. He posted that the assailant was unknown.

Neighbors said the couple were new to the neighborhood, renting and seemed to keep to themselves.

On Monday afternoon, nobody was at the South Leavitt Road home, but dogs could be heard barking in the garage. A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said she was concerned the two dogs were left alone since the incident and was planning on calling an animal welfare agency to check on them.

Police have not said if there are any suspects in the case or reported a motive.

Detectives found blood outside of the house, collected evidence at the couple’s home and are searching for a person Simpson described, according to reports.