On the record


WHAT: Board of Control meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Mayor Tom Scarnecchia and Safety Service Director Jim DePasquale

Members allocated:

• $20,350 to Solomon Corporation for a padmount transformer;

• $8,350 to Solomon Corporation for a padmount transformer;

• $140,000 to blanket vendor for construction management fees for the Wastewater Treatment Plant;

• $10,000 to OTC Services for oil for a sub-station transformer;

• $609 to Roth Brothers for a cleaned condenser and labor and materials for cleaning filters;

• $3,907 to Jones and Frank for a new gas pump station;

• $3,028 to Pipelines Inc. for a Hymax coupling, repair clamps, water lid, pavement marker, curb box kit and curb box risers;

• Approved the request by delinquency clerk Angela Johnson for reimbursement for college tuition in 2017 and 2018 for accounting classes at Youngstown State University.

— Renee Fox


WHAT: Township park commissioners meeting Thursday

PRESENT: Jackie Mills, Allen Seman and James Brutz

The board:

• Will meet 9:30 a.m. Nov. 29 at Howland Township Park to look over the condition of trees in the park. Mills said about 36 trees need removed or cut. Deputy Clerk Vivian Dowell said if all 36 are cut down, the  cost would be around $50,000;

• Will send a letter to Howland Soccer League to have them schedule games 30 minutes apart to allow less traffic congestion at the park when people leave one game and others arrive for the next game. Officials said emergency vehicles would have difficulty getting into the park if needed and parking at the pavilion, which is rented to people, has been difficult. Mills said the goal is to make the park safer;

• Set the year-end meeting 4:30 p.m. Dec. 15 at the park meeting building.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Board of Education meeting Thursday

PRESENT: Diane Alejars, Cheryl Asente, Pete Cardiero, Joe Melfi and Mark Zuppo

The board:

• Met in executive session on the purchase of property, but took no action. The board has been looking at acquiring land north of the high school off Shannon Road to build an auditorium;

• Heard from Melfi, who is looking into the “bolo sticks,” a lockdown security device used by many school districts to help keep doors shut in case of an intruder trying to break down the door;

• Approved sixth-grade teacher Denise Sybelnik as an after-school intervention instructor at Girard Intermediate School for two days per week, 75 minutes per day;

• Approved Frances Manow-Cook as a one-on-one educational assistant at Girard Intermediate School seven hours per day;

• Accepted a donation of Invent 3D printer from former School Superintendent Joseph Jeswald and Marcia Jeswald;

•  Rescheduled the next meeting to 4 p.m. Dec. 15 in the high school.

— Bob Coupland