On the record


WHAT: Township trustees meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Philip Wilhelm, Rebecca Whitman and Michael Bridge


l Received a request from the police chief to potentially start an impound lot to help generate funds for the township;

l Received a report regarding repairs to the township’s main plow truck that stated the vehicle was now operable, and that garage doors and man doors had been installed in the municipal building;

l Motioned to have the carpets cleaned in the municipal building and the fire station after receiving an estimate that the cost of having the carpets cleaned would be $135 per building;

l Motioned to purchase 100 tons of sand at $14 per ton to be used in sand-salt mix for the winter. The township already has a surplus of salt;

l Announced that roughly 150 tickets had been sold at the recently held Amish dinner, which made more than $1,100.

l Announced that the Christmas tree lighting would take place at 6 p.m. Dec. 4, with hot chocolate, cookies, and carol singing;

l Motioned to acknowledge the first week of November as Non-violence Week, during which signs and the principles of non-violence will be posted at the municipal building;

l Approved a resolution allowing the group Holidays in Hartford to use the municipal building and fire station 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 19 for crafting. Trustees also agreed to waive any fees;

l Agreed to allow Girl Scout Troop 009 to have their meeting at the fire hall, and agreed to waive the rental fee.

— David Dye


WHAT: Board of Education meeting Thursday

PRESENT: Tracie Allen, Bill Catlin and Niki Reid

ABSENT: Ron Tyndall and Roberta Hiller

The board:

l Approved amending the contract of Transportation, Building and Grounds Director Mike Clark from $46,818 to $48,000 effective Dec. 1, for additional duties;

l Entered into a shared services agreement with Austintown Schools to use their food service director, who is a dietician and nutritionist, to help supervise the cafeterias and nutritional programs in Lordstown;

l Approved substitute pay increases for bus drivers from $12 to $14.50; custodial, from $9 to $12; food service, from $9 to $12; and secretary, from $9 to $12;

l Reported demolition of the former elementary school building at the corner of Tod Avenue and Salt Springs Road will be completed by mid-November;

l Received a donation of a large rock from LaFarge, which will placed outside the high school. The “Spirit Rock” will be painted by different student organizations and groups throughout the year with images and messages. The rock was presented by Tim Wirtz of LaFarge;

l Announced 2014 Lordstown graduate Allan Metz was named to the Youngstown State University Board of Directors;

l Accepted a donation of $27,300 from Bill Siderwicz of the Lordstown Energy Center to be used for new uniforms for all varsity sports teams;

l Approved $4,000 to Environmental Protection Services for the removal of an old boiler at the old elementary school;

l Approved revisions to assistant principal Melissa Starkey’s job description, which included special education services and student testing;

l Approved Renee Higinbotham as a bus driver at four hours per day effective Oct. 10;

l  Approved Candice Overton as a bus driver effective Oct. 11 for four hours per day with unpaid leave of absence from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2.

— Bob Coupland