Liberty seeks paving funds

LIBERTY — Township trustees this month approved participating in the Ohio Public Works transportation improvement grant program for street paving work in 2017.

Trustee Chairwoman Jodi Stoyak said the grant funds will help with costs for paving Parkwood Avenue, Liberty Street, Arms Drive and a section of Euclid Avenue next year.

Stoyak said the county will provide 39 percent of the costs and the township 61 percent, with total project cost of $342,738. The township’s share is $209,070 from the road fund.

Stoyak said Township Road Supervisor Gino Bidinotto recommended the streets needing paved for 2017.

Officials noted that Arms Drive had a sewer project done on it and the road needed to be paved due to it being dug up.

Stoyak said what she has wanted to do is to see roads paved in different parts of the townships, with Liberty Street in the middle of the township, Arms in the northern part, Euclid in the southern part and Parkwood northern middle.

”These four streets are all in different sections of the township. This way, the public can see we are working to pave throughout the township and not just one section,” she said.

Liberty has more than 68 miles of roadway, with Stoyak saying the road levy brings in $260,000 annually. Trustees needed to apply for grants because the levy funds limit how many roads can be done.

Trustees this year had Willowood and Yvonne streets paved.