Kinsman House in Warren getting repairs to its pillars

Kay Fisher, project manager of the Kinsman House Pillar restoration with Richard Thomas, woodworker and restorer.

The pillars at the Kinsman House, which houses the Warren Heritage Center, were in need of restoration work, including removal of rotting wood around the base of the columns, installation of a new base, insertion of an epoxy base wood filler, sanding, priming and painting. Vents that allow air to flow through the column also were installed to ventilate the wood to prevent rotting in the future.

Dave Richards of Crescent Construction, which did the restoration, puts the finishing touches on the Kinsman House pillars Tuesday. The project took about four days, Crescent Construction owner Richard Thomas said.

Kay Fisher, project manager of the Kinsman House pillar restoration project, shared a laugh with Thomas while he worked on Tuesday. The estimated cost of the restoration is $4,000.