‘Bathroom burglar’ hits Warren home

WARREN — Police reports show a house in the 600 block of Delaware SW was victimized Monday by a “bathroom burglar.”

The 60-year-old  homeowner told police he was ready to leave about 1 p.m. when a 28-year-old man known to him came to the house asking to use his bathroom. The visitor came out several minutes later, the report states, and the man then asked the homeowner to give him a ride to the Palmyra Heights area.

Reports said the homeowner went to the store about 1:20 p.m., and when he returned home, he discovered his 45-inch flatscreen TV and Nintendo Wii game system missing from a table in the living room. He told police he opened his bathroom door and saw the window above the bathtub unlocked and window screen lying on the ground outside. The homeowner then observed muddy footprints in his tub. The homeowner told police he thought that the culprit was the man who earlier used the bathroom.

Police reported they took photos inside and outside the home. No arrests were made.