Warren police probe assault

WARREN — A Southington man hospitalized after he was robbed, beaten, burned and held for more than two days in Warren, said he was forced into a car at gunpoint on the southwest side of the city, according to a police report.

Warren police Lt. Dan Mason said detectives are investigating.

Police were called 7:55 a.m. Wednesday to Trumbull Memorial Hospital, where Christopher Sustak, 29, was being treated for what police said were obvious injuries, including second and third-degree burns, the report states.

“His entire face around his eyes was purple, nose was broke and his eyes had broken blood vessels in them. Also, he told me he was burnt with an item on his back and chest area,” the report states. “I did see the marks on his chest and back that appears to be that of a hot knife laid on his skin.”

He escaped by untying his hands and running through the woods after his captors went silent, emerging on Martin Luther King Boulevard near a waste disposal plant, Sustak told police. His girlfriend drove him to the hospital, where staff called police Wednesday morning.

The timeline of the incident is unclear. Sustak told police he was held for a “day or two,” but that he was forced into a car at gunpoint Sunday afternoon.

Sustak told police his girlfriend dropped him off 11 a.m. Sunday at a home on Lener Avenue SW, where he said he worked for three hours to repair a furnace for $150, the report states.

When he left, he told police he walked toward a gas station on West Market Street to call for a ride. Near a boarded up house in the area of Delaware Avenue SW and Hamilton Street SW, a car pulled up behind him, took him, held a gun to his back and covered his head so he couldn’t see, the report states.

After a short, five-minute drive, Sustak said he was led to a garage, tied to a stool with a belt and robbed of the $150 and a phone, the report states.

For hours, several men beat him and tortured him with a hot knife, and threatened to kill him, according to the report.

In fear for his life, Sustak told police he tried to comply with the orders of the men, until he saw the chance to escape and took it, the report states.

Sustak told police he had an old drug debt of $70, but wasn’t sure if that prompted the attack.