The Summit stays on Struthers signal

The Mahoning Valley will continue to have a Summit.

The Summit, an Akron-based public radio station with an adult album alternative format, is simulcast six days a week on WKTL-FM (90.7) through a leasing agreement with Struthers City Schools.

The school board voted in August to accept bids for the license after it was appraised at $800,000. Bidding closed on Friday, and no bids met the $900,000 minimum set by the board.

Brad Savage, program director for The Summit, said, “Everyone was very happy and excited on our end. We love being heard on WKTL and hopefully that agreement can continue indefinitely as is.”

And General Manager Tommy Bruno said, “Our commitment to the Valley remains strong and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with the Struthers Board of Education, superintendent, students and the entire Youngstown community.”

When the bidding process was announced in August, Struthers Superintendent Joe Nohra said the decision had nothing with the district’s feelings about the current agreement with The Summit.

“If someone is willing to pay $900,000, we have an obligation to consider it,” Nohra said in August. “It very much is a fishing expedition. They feel they have to do their due diligence in the community. At this point, there is no educational merit to the station, but there is a lot of emotional history and tradition to the station, and we feel it’s an important part of the community.”

Under the agreement that started in 2010, The Summit pays all operating expenses for the station and manages the ethnic programming heard every Saturday. As a noncommercial license, WKTL could not be sold to a commercial broadcaster like I Heart Media or Cumulus, which own most of the commercial stations in the Warren-Youngstown market.

“We’re proud to be on in Youngstown and a tremendous segment of our audience comes from the Mahoning Valley,” Savage said. “I think we do a great service for the listeners in the area.”