Residents sound off on Bill Clinton’s speech

“I am here supporting (Hillary Clinton) because she is the only person who will bring jobs back to Ohio, and save our economy. Plus she knows the proper way to treat people.”

– Ken Watson, Warren

“This is a historic day, to meet the husband of our next president. I hold Hillary (Clinton) in such high regard. We are fortunate to have her, and I am proud to vote for her. I’ve been waiting all of my life for this.”

– Vicki Callow, Warren

“I like to hear (Bill Clinton) speak. He gives you numbers and figures, he explains what he says. A lot is at stake in our country. If (Donald) Trump gets in there, we won’t have the progress we’ve had; we will find ourselves in a war.”

– Elvira Howard, Warren

“Trump will dismantle the VA, where I get a lot of my care. I have supported Bill and Hillary Clinton for a long time, and they support veterans. I am anti-Trump because he criticizes the military and veterans.”

– Mike Lipski, Vienna

“I think Hillary is the next best thing to Bernie (Sanders) so I am happy to volunteer my time to help her get elected. I don’t trust Trump like I trust the Clintons. I think he will move this country backwards, not forward.”

– Gale Johnson, Warren