On the record


WHAT: Township trustees meeting Monday

PRESENT: James Carnes,  Davis  Denman and Dominic Marchese


l Discussed sharing snow plowing of streets that are located in both Johnston, Mecca and Vernon with neighboring townships. Fiscal Officer John Moran said what is proposed is one winter Mecca will plow all of  Love Warner Road and the next winter Johnston will plow all of the road, which is in Mecca and Johnston. Also proposed is Johnston to plow all of Fisher Corinth Court Road one winter and the following winter Vernon will, since the road is in Johnston and Vernon. Mecca officials also discussed the idea this week;

l Approved purchasing $1,500 worth of tires for the fire department rescue vehicle.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Board of Education meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Tim Arbogast, Steve Gilanyi and Tom Proverbs

ABSENT: Betsy Dunn and John Shaffer

The board:

l Passed a resolution to be presented to various state officials including the governor, state superintendent of public instruction and state board of education members, opposing the flawed public school accountability system and appeal for a return to the traditional elements of local control to school communities. The resolution includes a statement that changing standards and test scores on an annual basis is counterproductive and that education and accountability have greater scope and depth than test scores. The board noted Southington was assigned an ”F” rating for the current state accountability system with the current accountability system not reflecting important and essential student outcomes;

l Approved Kreidler Construction Co. for exterior concrete work on the maintenance building being constructed by the school complex;

l Approved sixth-grade Camp Fitch trip Nov. 9 to 11; senior class to Orlando, Fla. April 29 to May 2; and Beta Club to Columbus for the Beta Convention March 21 to 23;

l Reported that ALICE training will take place in the district to prepare for an intruder situation and also a two-hour delay practice run in preparation for severe winter weather or other emergency situations;

l Discussed possibly starting a bowling program in the district;

l Approved Josh Riley as drama adviser.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Mathews Board of Education meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Tarin Brown, Michele Garman, Rex Rager, Terry Woodyard and Jamie Koehler

The board:

l Entered into an agreement with Vienna trustees to contribute half of the local match for the Mathews Schools DARE program at $2,812. The trustees will contribute $2,812 and the grant will pay the remaining $5,625 for the school year;

l Entered into an agreement with IGS for the district’s natural gas requirements at a fixed price of $3.24 per mcf;

l Approved a service agreement with Valley Environmental Labs Inc. at $250 per month to operate and monitor the wastewater plant at the board office. Valley Environmental will submit discharge monitoring reports to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency;

l Approved the following field trips: Spanish Club to Slovenian National Home Auditorium in Cleveland Nov. 4 and field trip to the Butler Institute of American Art on Nov. 15, and second graders to Powers Auditorium Nov. 18;

l Heard from Superintendent Lew Lowery that high school students are being issued parking passes for the first time;

l Approved Marlis Goske as a high school math intervention specialist at $20 per hour;

l Accepted a $4,100 donation from the Cafaro Foundation for a new softball scoreboard;

l Approved Tiffany’s Banquet Center for the homecoming dance with a $250 deposit;

l Approved Rick Komray for deejay service for the junior Halloween dance at $250;

l Approved the five-year forecast. Treasurer Ryan Jones explained district funds will be ”in the black” in five years at $957,670;

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Badger Board of Education meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Gary Kidd, Eltha Logan, James Hynes and John Phillips

ABSENT: Jerad Sutton

Board members:

l Received a presentation from the principals of the high school, middle school and elementary schools regarding progress that has been made in student academics;

l Approved the five-year financial forecast as recommended by Treasurer Gregory Sciola and Superintendent David Bair from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2021.

l Approved the retirement of bus driver Patricia Mathews and teachers Linda Walton and Cynthia Osborne. Both Walton’s and Osborne’s retirements will be effective June 1, 2017;

l Approved the employment of Anthony Bettoni, Curtis Bell, Noelle Bonar, Cory Bower, Michelina Braho, Barbara Clemson, John Davis, Michelle Jeffers, Frank Lesho, Virginia Logan, Susan Meneer, Erin Sanders, Erin Smolinski and Bonnie Zachar as substitute personnel;

l Approved the employment of Patrick Carney, Kelsey Tokarsky, Andrea Steiner, Rachel Wilson, Michelle Moran, Alyssa Brown, Joshua Elwood-Bellas, Bill Hamilton, Davis Hunkus, Mary Kochemba and Marie Mariani for the 2016-2017 school year pending appropriate background checks and / or Ohio Certification / Licensure;

l Approved the recognition of Shirley Miller, who will serve as a member of the Kinsman Free Public Library Board of Trustees from Jan. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2023;

l Approved the adoption of the Proclamation written by Bair that was first presented at the previous Board of Education meeting. The Proclamation emphasizes the holistic approach to teaching children while seeking to turn school personnel, students and parents against the Ohio State Testing Assessment Model.

— David Dye